Movie Trending Bitter Friday Giftures


Some movies seem to have an impact on the trends of things we buy. Not every movie, but every once in a while movies affect the way people buy certain things or attend certain adventures. I can think of a few examples, and you probably can too if you think hard enough. Like when Back to the Future came out, Deloreons became kind of cool and put them on the map. They kept the DMC alive for a little while until everyone realized that they didn’t time travel. When Jurassic Park came out, all of a sudden dinosaurs were all the rage. The most recent example I can think of is Aquaman. All of a sudden, there are more people at the pool. Swimmers of all kinds, trying to breathe underwater, trying to discover Atlantis, and trying to fight the Black Mantis. While it is great that people are going to the pool for often, it’s kind of cramping me and my son’s style. I just hope this fad dies down so we can have our rec center pool back. Speaking of being back, here are the Bitter Friday Giftures of the week.

After this moment…

…all of a sudden people are drinking more Gatorade.

This moment…

…lead to more elephants giving up soccer.

Grocery cart racing…

…took off as fast as she did.

All of a sudden…

…parkour is back.

And now…

…people are watching the Office.


…are up another 10%.

Cooking the spoon into the batter…

…is now all the rage.

Hot dogging…

…is trending on MySpace and Friendster.

Pie production…

…is up to since this gif came out(at least during Thanksgiving.)

People are now…

…starting to buy flowers again.

Faucet drinking…

…is experiencing a Renaissance.

And once again…

…ice bucket challenge fails gifs…are cool again.

Unfortunately, we can’t go back to 2013 when people were actually reading my blog and commenting on it. That is one trend that will never come back. Though you know what trend will never die? My Friday pizza tradition. Time to go get some.


Bitter Trending Movie Ben

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Target Deal of the Day: LG 65″ UHD Smart TV. Speaking of trending, the SuperB owl is coming up on Sunday and you will need something to view it on. How about this amazing deal? It is only $599.99 down from $899.99, so just take the money out of your kid’s piggy bank and get one of these.



15 thoughts on “Movie Trending Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. Loved the tentative high five/fist bump. Also the grocery cart racing–hubby does that all the time, doesn’t realize the dangers. Eat some pizza for me. Things have been slow on my blog, too. Everyone more concerned with survival after the last arctic blast, I guess. 🙂


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