Editing Bitterness

 via GIPHY   I've been doing a whole lot of editing lately, and not of the written word. I'm really bad at that, even though my wife thinks I'm really good at it.  She always makes me edit my kid's papers.  The problem is that their teachers start to believe that my kids are … Continue reading Editing Bitterness

Movie Trending Bitter Friday Giftures

  Some movies seem to have an impact on the trends of things we buy. Not every movie, but every once in a while movies affect the way people buy certain things or attend certain adventures. I can think of a few examples, and you probably can too if you think hard enough. Like when … Continue reading Movie Trending Bitter Friday Giftures

Bitter Not So Best Seller

When the first Batman movie came out with Micheal Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker, it was a big deal. Back then it was very rare to get any comic book movie at all, and this was the first legit Batman movie. Sure there was a movie in which Batman fought a … Continue reading Bitter Not So Best Seller