Instant Regret Bitter Friday Giftures


You know those days when you wake up and you instantly regret waking up? I’m sure I have a lot of dreams that I just don’t remember, but I’m almost always sure that the dream is better than the reality. So I wake up, tired, sore, groggy and needing more rest and I instantly regret it. I’m sure there are some ultra positive people out there (none that read this blog I’m sure) that wake up, soothed, refreshed, smiling and happy. Oh wait, nope those are movie characters that somehow wake up without an alarm clock at 9 am with the sun and somehow are excited to go to work. Yes, those are made up people. You know what else is made up? These bitter Friday Giftures which will tell how much better it is to be sleeping than awake.


…even hyper people like dragonflies struggle to get out of bed.

Movie character…

getting out of bed.

Just another reason…

…why you should never wake up.

When you wake up…

…the world just seems to be against you.

You seem to…

…lose your balance.

Everything just seems…


Nothing seems…

…to fall in place.

All you see…

…is just a bunch of barriers.

You just can’t…

…get into the swing of things.

You just can’t…

…sink your teeth into anything.

There is just…

…no balance in life.

Most all…

…you just daydream about sleeping anyways.

Now, don’t you just instantly regret waking up today? Aren’t you thinking how it would be way better to go back to bed? It’s Friday. There is no reason to go to work except bide your time eating pizza and waiting for that clock to hit 3:30 pm or 5:00 pm or whenever you are finally excused to go home to that bitter bed or couches to get some zzzzz’s.

What is your favorite place to ignore others? Is it under the desk at work? Is it in your car? Do you like sleeping in the library? Or are you more of a traditionalist like me who just sleeps on his couch?


Bitter Sleep Deprived Ben

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Target Deal of the Day: Jumbo LED Curved Display Alarm Clock. If you are looking for an enemy of sleep, this guy will do it for you. Not only will it destroy your dreams in the morning, but the big display will keep you up all night. The best thing yet is that it is only $19.99, which is 20% off of its regular price of $24.99. Get one today!


19 thoughts on “Instant Regret Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. Had to reset my wake-up-to-dog-barf meter on Friday. A thousand days or more shot! Stepped in it. Cleaned it up. Inspired a post yesterday. This morning no barf. Yaaay! Waking every morning, hours before sunrise , I should get hazard pay.


    • Having to take care of other people or dogs barf is pretty much the worst. My wife has such a bad stomach that any time she sees or gets near barf she does it herself. I used to have to clean up all the kids barf, which was super fun.

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  2. My favorite place to ignore others is at the gym. I put my earbuds in (even if I’m not listening to anything) so I can keep on truckin and pay no mind to people trying to get my attention. They come in handy in other locations, too. πŸ™‚


  3. I guess I’m half of one of those movie characters. I wake up before the sun, without an alarm clock. But I do wish I could just go back to sleep, and I feel bitter that I can’t.


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