All Roads Lead to Bitter Friday Giftures


We are still putting the closing touches on our move. Our kids had their last day, so of course, they got kid parties to go to. So between my wife and I we made like 5 trips back and forth between our new place and the old one, the last one to pick up my daughter at 10:55 pm.  Needless to say, the many mini road trips made me bitter. But we all know the drill. All roads lead to bitterness. Just like the road trip you are taking on the blog post. But on this road trip, you can at least ignore the writing and just look at the funny gifs.

This guy thought he was going on a trip…

…but just got a trip to the hospital.

This guy was tired of how slow things were going…

…so he found a new way to go.

This guy got the same treatment…

…that all the birds get with the sprinklers.

This guy was just being really nice…

…by sharing his bike with the camera person. 

It’s always nice when you have…

…someone helping you with rebounds.

Karma is always best served…


The next Lebron James…


Does anyone…

…want some donuts with a side of fence?

It’s nice to know that vans…

…have safety doors.

Who needs cops…

…when we have doors to do their jobs.

This girl seems…

…a little crabby.

And this one…

…is a big hit.

Well, I hope all your roads this weekend lead to bitterness, like all mine do.


Bitter Road Leader Ben


14 thoughts on “All Roads Lead to Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. Bestest luck with finishing moving and settling in! Hope all goes GREAT!
    Thanks for the GIFs and the laughter! 🙂
    I’d watch a show called “When Sprinklers Attack!” or one called “Doors Gone Wild!” 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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