Words stick to me like Glue

It means I will take your words and get my revenge.

You know that old saying, “I am rubber and you are glue, bounces off of me and sticks to you.” Also, the one that says, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Yeah, those saying only apply to other people.

Words stick to ME like glue. Sticks and stone probably won’t break my bones, but words definitely can hurt me.

Call me a revenge type, but words have a power that some people just don’t know. People could say what is probably the most meaningless jab at me, and I will take those words and I will magically turn them into the world’s biggest slight.

Mind you, most words just slide right down from my ear to recesses of the long-term memory area, only to be forgotten for the rest of my life. Words like, “Honey, don’t forget _________.” or “Can you get me some milk on your way home?”

If any of you have read the Love Language book, I’ve changed that book into my own version called the Bitter Language book. Instead of words that show you love, mine show you what makes you most bitter. My number one without a doubt is Words of Bitteraffirmation. I can take a compliment and assume that you want me to be the next CEO. On the other hand, if you slight me in even the slightest way, you will be passive aggressived for the rest of your life from me.

Somehow the people of WordPress don’t really do mean comments and that is a good thing, because if they did, they would be remembered as HeadPressed into the ground with my metaphorical foot.

Talk about a Twitter battle. This one isn’t over by a long shot.

I still remember a Twitter battle I had four years ago around this time.ย  I made an off handed remark TO SOMEONE ELSE, but this lady just happened to be linked to the tweet I was commenting on.ย  She went Tony Stark raving lunatic at me. This girl will forever be lodged in my brain for that rant she went on me for. I have metaphorically “Burned her Utica to the ground” because of those comments she probably forgot the moment after she said them. I will never forget them.

If we ever meet in real life, I will give her the silent treatment the likes of which have never been given a person in their life. She will know the wrath of this guy.

They don’t call me Revengerman for nothing.

Those words are superglued to me. And they will be Revengermaned.


Bitter Glued for Life Ben


55 thoughts on “Words stick to me like Glue

  1. Burned her Utica to the ground? Utica, NY??? You did NOT dis Utica! Just kidding. Everybody disses Utica. I was about to say, you are SO RIGHT!!! I remember mean things people said to me in CHILDHOOD that I have never gotten over. They come back at intervals to haunt me. The decades of my life take turns. One week, injuries from junior high; the next, family jabs; the next, college slights. In fact, I think this post was directed against me, reminding me that you have never said a mean thing to me, BUT it is probably only a matter of time.

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  2. I think bloggers are a little more level headed at least in our comments. What we write might have a little more power/venom which can be therapeutic. I personally prefer to be positive in my commentary.


  3. Going “Tony Stark raving lunatic” is a thing these days, when you can’t make a comment on social media without someone contradicting it or flying off the handle, putting their virtual hands around your throat and squeezing for all they’re worth. So I refrain from making comments about volatile topics, like politics or who should have won The Voice or what sex “Caitlyn” Jenner really is. But it’s highly embittering, so you might want to keep on doing it, Ben. You can use all the bitterness you can get. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. A bitter reminder that gluing our flippant flatulations of mindless opinion to others in public venues could well earn one a revengerman attack of bitter silence thus robbing us of our need for social media conflict. Silence on Twitter is a fate worse than death. Silence in person is death.


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