Maniac Monday – Bitter Memory Loss

At least always.

One day, on my way to picking up my daughter from play practice, I got one of those amazing thoughts. It was a blog post idea that made immediate sense. I was so excited that I completely ignored my son, and driving and pulled out my phone. This is where I store all my ideas on the run. I have a Galaxy Note that has a pen and can pull up little notes that I can write down.

Basically I pull out the pen from the phone, tap a little button, then wait a second or two. Lately it has been more than a second or two. So I waited a few more seconds, and it still isn’t popping up. Then my son starts talking to me, and finally the note pops up. I get ready to write the note, and then blank. The amazing idea, which I was so excited to write down…is gone.

I try to remember triggers or some sort of thing in the car or something around, and nothing. All of a sudden, I’m mad at my son for talking to me and distracting me, bitter at my phone for taking so long and frustrated at my daughter for having practice that I had to pick her up from.

Also, I’m mad at the neon sign that isn’t popping up and telling me the stupid, amazing thought that I forgot IN THE MATTER OF SECONDS.

It would be fine, IF THIS KIND OF THING DIDN’T HAPPEN ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I think I forget more ideas than Einstein ever knew. I honestly think I would have taken over the world with money, power and, uh whatever amazing word I was just thinking about a second ago.

I think the universe is a big bully, and it likes beating me down. I think it make me forget all my brilliant ideas, because if I ever remembered them, it would be afraid I would be one of those kids that finally realized that he wasn’t afraid of his bully anymore and he is ready to fight back.

Working on solving my hunger crisis.

Here I am, ready to solve my hunger, find a cure for my colds and make my world a bitter place. All I would need is access to all those brilliant ideas that got lost to Mr. Short Term Memory, and the ability to get rid of some other memories that I choose and I will be not only punching a hole in the universe, but taking over for him (or it could be a her too).

Also, I have a few more things to say about the subject…but I forgot.

Dang you Universe!

What about you all! Any bitter things you are always forgetting?


Bitter Rememory Ben


47 thoughts on “Maniac Monday – Bitter Memory Loss

  1. Wait, wait–back to that opening sentence. Your daughter has “play practice.” Kids these days have to “practice” playing? When I was a kid we just played. I mean kids already know how, don’t they? Maybe you can fix that, too, when you get your memory back.


  2. You deserved to lose your brilliant idea for trying to write something on your phone while you were driving! That is very dangerous behavior! You should be ashamed. Additionally, it is not called “play practice,” it is called rehearsal.


  3. Paper notebooks open faster than virtual ones, but even that is not foolproof. Pens run out of ink, and muses speak when they know your hands are tied–stirring something that will scorch, rinsing shampoo out of your hair, answering nature’s call. Sometimes I scribble down the thought and later, I can’t read what I wrote, that makes me especially bitter. 🙂


  4. I am usually very good at remembering the bitter things. For me, it’s the good things that fade more easily from my mind…


  5. Paul McCartney describes a time when, in the midst of a party, he suddenly understood the universe and all it contains. He ran around begging for pencil and paper and wrote what he had realized. The next day he looked at what he wrote. All it said was, “There are seven levels.” He never remembered what he meant by that. J.


    • Paper, yeah, not so useful sometimes. I was trying to remember one in the car two days ago, and didn’t have my phone and I had a pen that didn’t work and a reciept that was glossy so I couldn’t write on it. I had to resort to telling my son to remember it, which is totally unreliable, because he can’t even remember when I tell him to brush his teeth.

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  6. I forget more or less everything I need to do within a particular time span but I’ll never forget the most irritating things. My memory is more people based I’ve realised. Remembering tasks? Pffft. Remembering what random people said to me one time – always. I lose blog and story ideas all the time.


    • Yes, my revenge brain is alive and kicking. The moment someone even mentions something mean to me, I file it in my revenge brain for years and years down the line when I need to remember why I’ve come up with all these elaborate schemes.


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