24 Hour Bitness

24 hours of pure bitterness.

Most of the time, I like to spread my bitterness out a little and drink it in like a fine wine. I sniff it, move my hand up towards my face and let it linger in the air a little. Well, I should have seen it all coming because I am a medium of bitterness, but I didn’t.

It all started on Tuesday night. I was enjoying the latest drama with my basketball team, with their best player injured and the team just trying to squeak into the playoffs so they could get easily trounced in the first round. They were up big, so I decided I could go to bed, knowing that the trouncing would continue. Then I decided to wake up in the morning (big mistake). They lost and sent me down a rabbit hole.

I got to work early so I could get caught up all the things and didn’t bring lunch because we were supposed to have a group lunch. So instead of a hearty breakfast, I had some Reese’s Eggs. People started filing in and when that happens they start talking. And they distracts me. So I’m getting behind in all the things. I’m still hungry for lunch and lunch still isn’t here, so I grab a small handful of peanut M&M’s. And another and another and by the time I’m feeling sick to my stomach from all the chocolate and sugar, things start getting intense at work.

A new hire from another area comes in, and my boss from a meeting. They tell me that we don’t have time to go out to lunch so we have to go have ice cream instead. They say we can have leftover food from the meeting later, but then I start getting the ASAP listings that have to get done. So I’m working on that, and then my boss asks me to train the new hire on some listings, and now I’m starting to lose it.

Had a few M&M’s.

So I’m trying to show her how to do these things while I’m trying to get all my things done and all I’ve had is M&M’s and Reese’s things. It is nearing the end of my day, and then I remember…my kid is coming into work and he wants to help. So all these listings are coming in, I’m trying to train a new person, my kid is in the building and then we are going out for ice cream before I leave for the day. I somehow finally get the listing info that I need to get it out just as my crew is going out for ice cream, and I have to leave for the day.  So I rush to get the listing done, run downstairs to get ice cream and then leave for the day.

That is where the fun BEGINS. I have to take my son up to our aunt’s and meet them so I can watch her grandson’s baseball game. So we rush to get there, and I’m already spent for the day, knowing I will have a lot of work to get to today.  Of course, when we get to my aunt’s the game isn’t for another hour and a half, so we have to watch them scream at the top of their very annoying voices at a park while we wait.

We go to the baseball game and there is all kinds of drama between the mom and the dad, with restraining orders and such and then we start getting these texts from my mom and dad. It is this insane thing where my mom is getting an Iphone 8, which makes no sense in the world, because she doesn’t even know how to open an email on a computer. All of a sudden, the world is upside down and an old year old grandma has a better phone than me, by far.


Then we go our for pizza, which sounds great, because I’ve had no real food all day, but I’m totally full from all the sweet things. And what’s worse is that it was in a crowded noisy, too many people restaurant. I then knew it was not my day when I got a piece of pizza and all the cheese spilled on the table.  That’s when I really lost it.

The bitterest part was that I didn’t land on my so comfortable new couch until 9:38 pm, in which I plopped on the TV only to see the team that let me down yesterday, let me down on consecutive days.

Let’s hope this 24 hours of bitterness spread itself out a little more next time.

So, what is one of your worst days? I’ve had a few worse ones, and even a few worse couple of weeks, but let me know what your worst days have been in the comments.


Bitter 24 hour Bad Day Ben

28 thoughts on “24 Hour Bitness

  1. I bet your stomach hurt for sometime after that. I don’t really have worse days, just annoying days where everyone and everything pisses me off and people want more and more but have or do nothing in exchange. Just me, me, me. And I get mad, and tired, and I want to start throwing things at anyone who is near me!!!

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  2. I had a REALLY bad day last week. Just getting over an infected lymph node, I promptly went on a hike and almost broke my shoulder on a piece of wet ply wood. Needless to say, I railed at the heavens. You are one of the funniest bloggers around, and again I will say, you do, indeed, make bitter better. 🙂

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  3. I would not like to be the object of your bitterness after a ton of sugar! Anyway, I am still bitter over the day I went to a seminar in a high rise office building downtown Miami, (already you can imagine the bitterness of being in downtown Miami) and feeling emotionally fragile (haha) I parked in the huge pay to park lot and spent 7 hours listening to the drone of dribble. Time to go, the elevator is stuck and had to wait, finally, knowing I had a very hungry child waiting for me at home, I rush out to my car and I have no money on me to get out of the lot and attendant won’t take my debit or credit cards and will not open the gate for me. I ponder plowing straight through it, ripping my tires to shreds on the sharpies sticking up from the tarmac (?) when I can take no more I cry profusely…the attendant decides to let me go, in fact he begged, and I speed for forty minutes along the expressway risking life and limb, get home, get out the Oreo’s and ate the whole bag. Went to bed so bitter.


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