Howling at the Moon Bitter Friday Giftures


I wouldn’t say that I’m Harry Potter, but around this time of year, I definitely get hairy. It’s not so much that I’m lazy(just kidding I am), it’s just that I don’t feel like shaving. For some reason my teeth get a little sharper too. Maybe it is all those sugar cookies, that my company keeps using to feed me. And at night lately, I’ve been doing a little drooling, especially around midnight and positively when the moon is full. For some reason my nails keep growing a lot and I have to trim them it seems like weekly.

It’s just weird. Oh, and the other day I was at the company dinner and I ate like three filet mignon’s 4 T-bones, and a couple New York strips. I guess I just have a craving for meat these days. My son wanted to play catch outside and for some reason he said I howling? Weird. Anyways, enough of my lifestyle and mooooooooooods. How about some Friday before Christmas Giftures?

I would say…

…will be good at dodgeball someday. 

And this kid…

…has a long career in swimming in his future.  

This dog has a career…

…in hunting someday. 

I don’t know about this kid though…

…he likes horsing around too much. 

This guy?…

…I can’t seem to find out what he digs. 

I’m thinking this guy…

…has spy written all over him. 

Since this guy clearly has the moves…

…I’m thinking talk show host. 

This girl will go on to be…

…an Olympic champion…in archery. 

And this girl clearly has all the right stuff…

…to be a chiropractor. 

And this guy…

…definitely the next president of the United States. 

This guy clearly has the grace…

…and agility to be the next great couples ice dancer. 

This guy will be the next great…

…police officer. 

Anyways, don’t you just hate when the moon is so bright and you have to wear shades at night? Hope you all have a bitter Holiday and we will see you bitter, lazy slackers on the internets soon.


Bitter Moon Ben


10 thoughts on “Howling at the Moon Bitter Friday Giftures

    • Yeah, it was definitely a Christmas. Filled with family, which is exactly what I would rather not do. Can’t we just open presents, then be able to play with them instead of visiting with family all day?


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