Hot Air Balloon Gifture post


I’ve always been a closet claustrophobic. And by closet, I mean I hate being in closets because they are cramped. On the other hand, most people are afraid of heights, which I am not. No, I’ve never been on the top of Mt. Killaminjaro or whatever, but I used to climb on my roof and loved jumping off our stairway to the level below for fun, or going on roller coaster rides, the higher the bitter.

Today, I just saw some hot air balloons and I almost jumped to get inside one of them. Actually, I may be full of hot air. Want to see more people full of hot air? See below:

This guy actually…

…lacks air. 

This guy seemed to have a head…

…full of air. 

This guys air…

…seems to be going down. 

Dwight Howard’s game…

…is full of holes. 

I pretty much wish…

…I had a gun boomerang like this guy. 

I need a washing machine…

…that isn’t a drama queen like this. 

Talk about…

…fishing for a compliment. 

These cars are like me…

…they just want to be leafed alone. 

I can…

…bearly handle this one. 

Finally, someone served…

…me some humble pie. 

This lady…

…extinguished all my fears.

This guy just…

…kicked the weekend into low gear. 

I don’t know what you guys are going to do with all your extra air this weekend, but I’m going to be using mine to breathe through all my naps. Do your best to waste yours.


Bitter Air Ben

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