Hot Air Balloon Gifture post

  I've always been a closet claustrophobic. And by closet, I mean I hate being in closets because they are cramped. On the other hand, most people are afraid of heights, which I am not. No, I've never been on the top of Mt. Killaminjaro or whatever, but I used to climb on my roof … Continue reading Hot Air Balloon Gifture post

Bitter Rivalry of the Week: My stomach vs. My Face

As the trees continue their jerky behavior by littering all their leaves on the ground, and not picking up after themselves, as the grass continues to die a slow painful death, and as the snowman continue to be wait in icy cold anticipation for the weather to be just right for them to come out … Continue reading Bitter Rivalry of the Week: My stomach vs. My Face

Hot Mess Friday Giftures

It's been a Beastie Boy kind of week.  I've been sabotaged all the way up one side and down the other.  My car dashboard kept lighting up on my way to work and of course I did what you always do when you get a light.  I ignored it.  On Thursday, I finally asked someone … Continue reading Hot Mess Friday Giftures