There should be more Lines Friday Giftures

No, I’m not talking about standing in lines for something stupid like movies or concerts or donuts. I’m talking about roads. I know some of them appear straight, but they aren’t straight enough. I mean there should be a road that goes directly from where I am to my front door at all times. Why are road crews on this project right now? It seems easy enough. According to my math teachers that all tortured me endlessly with me having to solve all their problems, (maybe it’s their turn to solve one of mine), the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. So why am I taking the long way home everyday? Why are road crews making my life so much more difficult? On to the gifs:

DJ air fingers is on the case…

…to make everything soundless. 

Get ready to rumble with the biggest, baddest….

…uhh, human on the planet?

My new favorite game, GTR…

…grand theft rabbit.

My new favorite reality show…

…Dancing with the Geriatrics. 

My new favorite movie…

…Revenge of the Motocross.

Scratch that. My G.O.A.T….

…is this goat. 

In the words of Jim Carrey in Liar Liar…

…I’m getting what I deserve, I’m reaping what I sow…

In my least convincing tone…

…”I had no idea that was coming”

This is pretty much…

…my slide from Monday to Friday.

Spoiler warning…

…something bad happens.

There are two…

…dummies in this picture, not sure which one. 

His priority wasn’t not dying…

…it was finishing the phone call. 

Now get in your car, make sure you take a straight line home and try not to get the cops on your case when you drive through house after house.


Bitter Straight Lines Ben

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