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Many of you probably didn’t notice something above you, because it is so easy for people not to come to this actual website anymore. Most of my traffic isn’t rando’s that come from the internet, or people I actually know in real life from Facebook. Most of the people (or bots) come from WordPress. Actual bloggers that use Reader.

The problem with that is that WordPress has made it so easy to read people’s blogs without actually coming to their blog. The just read straight from Reader. I should know. I do it all the time. I don’t remember the last time I saw what a person’s blog looked like. It’s maybe 1 in a hundred that I actually click in their blog to read.

The reason why I say all this is because I changed my banner. Since I’ve changed it maybe 5 times in the whole existence of this blog, math tells me that I only change it about once a year. People might say, “Oh good. Change is good.” I say, “Nope it’s not.”

Don’t embrace change.

Change is terrible. Change is progress. Change is pain. Who needs progress? What has progress ever done for anyone? You know what the best thing for people really is? Staticness. Laziness. Sameification.

Seriously, name one change on the McDonald’s menu that has ever made any sense. The McPizza? The Hamburglur? The McDLT? The McSpaghetti? McHot Dog anyone?

How about Coke? The New Formula? How many of you are still drinking that stuff? Anyone still hoarding their Crystal Pepsi? You think change is a good thing, but you are wrong. How about all the changes ESPN is doing right now? Do you think all the unemployment that is causing is a good thing?

Oh, you say we made so much change by inventing the internet? Yeah, look at all the good that has given us. Wikipedia, something called the dark web, giving crazy people the ability to write things that everyone can read (and some do, judging by the traffic for this site).

Oh, we invented the car. Yeah, accidents. We invented the TV. Yeah, have you seen public access channels or the E! network?

Change bad.

Change is terrible and we all know it. That being said, I did a new banner and it is terrible and although it is new, it definitely isn’t improved. The only good Banner is Bruce Banner and the only good thing about Bruce Banner is that he turns into Hulk. And Hulk is only good because he is Bruce Banner.

And that is bad, just like any other changes we all try to go through.


Bitter Banner Ben


61 thoughts on “Bitter Banner

  1. I think you make a great point about those of us who read blog posts via the reader. I am guilty of it, as I see it as a time saver. However, I do click onto the actual site to read my favorite bloggers’ posts. Yours is one of them, Mr. Bitter pants.


    • Yeah, my pants are pretty bitter for sure. And I follow a ton of bloggers and if I stopped by all of them, it would be quite a journey or tabs to get them all on their page, plus I’m just lazy.


  2. At least it was worth calling over for or else I’d be a little bitter too! Well worth calling over to see as it made me smile. Probably not what a bitter blogger wanted to hear but tough.


  3. I saw your new banner, because I go to people’s blogs. And thanks for showing me once again how out of touch I am. I will NEVER catch up to the 21st Century, unless I live into the 22nd. But, nice banner. I won’t say if change is good or bad, but it is, in fact, inevitable.


    • Oh that change where you actually start writing on your blog? Oh, never mind, you are talking about that womanly change. Thanks for bringing that up. The banner was to help you know that I’m bitter in a different way, cause you weren’t aware. You’re welcome.


  4. Ben, I came to your actual blog and saw your new banner, there, it’s been done. And, I like it. I also agree that not making a full visit to blogs is just sort of lazy. But making the full visit would require effort and why use that if you don’t have to? Stopping the laziness and using effort would require a change… we’re just not all up for that… but evidently I am, because I came here, and now I’ve typed myself in circles…


  5. I was about to say that I was for status quo… but it sounded a little too positive. So, yeah… A big “no” to this silly idea of “change is good” thing. Don’t change šŸ˜‰

    P.S. How long have you been blogging? I could certainly find that information by looking through your “about” page, or scrolling back your earlier posts, but why bother, when I can just ask? lol

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        • Yeah, I hit a slow patch in the last 9 months, cause of school and unemployment, but now that I’m back to being employed, I hit my groove again. I think what helped me through all of the slowness, is that I always do at least the one Friday post. No matter what I always do Friday Giftures, because it is easy to do and doesn’t take much thought. And people sometimes only come for those.

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        • Well, congratulations for hanging on šŸ™‚

          Although I am not the most regular reader because of crazy work schedules and thought clutter, I do enjoy your bitter writing a lot. It is nice to have an “all the bitterness you can spill out” place to spend time at šŸ˜‰

          WP wouldn’t be the same without you!


        • Yeah, it is a pretty nice place to spew things that is for sure. And although I would probably still do it regardless, it is pretty nice to have people comment about it. The commenting back and forth is almost as cool as the writing portion. Bitterly of course.

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