Walking a Tightrope to Friday Giftures


You know those cats that are on those posters that are hanging on a rope and the stupid caption above their head says, “Hold on or something” or “Hang in there, man, you hang in there, you got that McClane?” Well the gifs being presented today are nothing like those motivational moments. These are people, places and things that are hanging by a thread, walking a tightrope and they are going to fail. Time and time again. So don’t hang onto to any hope for these people. They are going down in flames. Just like me.

What goes up…

…must get slammed (and I’m not talking about the ball.

Just goes to show you…

…that even pros are pretty bad at sports.

No matter what way you swing it…

…this chump is dumped. 

I bet this guy…

…wished he was at the end of his tightrope.

She may be able to handle a microphone…

haaasn’t quite figured out the extinguisher.

This guy knows how to handle a camera…

…hasn’t quite mastered a good Segway.

This guy hasn’t figured out…

…the Hollywood magic of facades.

This silly dude…

…doesn’t seem to understand that water isn’t contained in water bottles.

This guy doesn’t seem to understand…

…mmm, actually he seems to understand everything.

I don’t need to walk around in circles…

…walk around in circles…without falling of course.

The Fast and the Furious…

…has nothing on this guy.

This guy thinks he is a duck…

…but he doesn’t walk like one, so he isn’t.

Well, that enough for now. Get out there this weekend and grab a rope. Hang on really loosely and give up easily. Fall, fail, flail or freak out. And if you just so happen to fail spectacularly, make sure you record it and send it to me so you can be famous on this blog.


Bitter Falling from a Rope Ben













18 thoughts on “Walking a Tightrope to Friday Giftures

  1. All of these gifs were great, Ben, but the one I kept watching over & over again? The chick on that playground whirl a round thing. Of course, she was going to take the guy out & wipe out too. Brilliant.


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