Rejection Bitterness

I used to play NBA Jams when I was in college and I loved it because it was completely unrealistic. If you weren’t from my era, NBA Jams was a baskeball video game that was basically two on two with NBA players that could jump 50 feet in their air for dunks and included no fouls, or traveling and the nets could literally be on fire. It had the best smack talk (which was huge back then) and the awesome announcers who would pronounce, “He’s on Fire!” when you hit three shots in a row. The one thing the announcers would say when your shot got blocked that is still idelibly in my mind today was, “Rejected!”

I still think of that announcer every time I see anyone get rejected in any aspect of life. Whether it is a “contestant” that gets sent home on the Bachelor, a touchdown gets blocked in an NFL game or a guy asks a girl on a date and gets turned down. I always here that “Rejected!” in my head. I’ve been hearing that voice in my head a lot more these days. Because I’m looking for jobs and for some reason, Microsoft does not want me to be their CEO as I applied for it the other day. They sent me something like, “Thank you for applying…”. Just kidding. They just ignorned me, which is kind of rude if you ask me, because I was kind of looking forward to finding out their creative way of rejecting me.

Every company does it differently, from the Google and the Microsoft’s who just ignore you, to the McDonald’s who have one of their responsible teens tweet you, to the standard emails or calls that some people send you. In the last few months, I’ve collected many of them, from first blush applications, to the first interview “we’ve moved on with a different candidate” to the second interview “we’ve moved on with a different candidate”.

I’ve seen and heard it all. And I just think it is totally unfair for all of you to not go through the same pain I go through on a daily basis. Cause I like to make you all feel as awkward, bitter and frustrated as I do so as to make you feel bitterness where there previously was none.

Since this is something that is its own category of bitterness, I decided to start another blog for you all to experience the job “Rejections!” I get on a daily basis. So join me over at for a whole new section of bitterness. And no this isn’t an April Fool’s joke blog. I intend to keep it updated on the regular.

Feel free to share your comments or job rejections to me and I will post them too.

I also set up an Instagram @jobrejections

a Twitter @jobrejections1

and a Facebook Page which you can join Job Rejections

so follow, like, subscribe and join the bitterness

See you on the flippidy flip.


Bitter Job Rejected Ben


60 thoughts on “Rejection Bitterness

  1. Do you know how many “Ben Gardner” fb acccounts there are. I tried to find you but gave up. This is getting too hard and bitter. My fb is open now.


  2. This made me laugh but I also feel bad you’ve not found anything yet. Wish you could work with me here in Atlanta and make me laugh all day or we could just make fun of my co-workers together. 🙂 I hope you find something soon Ben!


    • Thanks, Lennon. I keep thinking I will get something, but then get rejected. Something will happen eventually. I actually have a brother in Atlanta that is looking for a job, but he isn’t near as bitter as I am. It would be fun to make fun of co-workers together at your job!

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  3. I don’t think my delicate mental state can take any more rejection. Believe me, I have been where you are in job hunting. I have stayed at horrifically soul-sucking jobs for eternities, because I could not find another job. I live in fear that I will lose my current, fairly bearable job and be out there again. I hope you find a new job soon, yet I feel certain that even if it were the most incredible dream job imaginable, it would make not a dent in your bitterness. Rock on.


  4. I once came across a Train Delay Bingo on facebook, in which you had to collect 8 different reasons for your train to be late (it hit something, it’s missing parts, it’s missing all completely). It gave me the idea of starting a Job Rejection Bingo, as I thought I’d heard all the excuses (and would thus be the first to complete my bingo score card). Maybe you could do something similar? I’ve currently quit looking for a job and am focusing on my course in the hopes of it helping me to start my own business.


    • I probably should just do that. Job searching is such a cluster and such a huge waste of time. I really want to start a business that you can do from home and doesn’t involve having employees, because seriously, why would I want to be on the other side of job searching? Job Rejection Bingo sounds like a great game too.

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  5. Interesting. I’ve actually been thinking of starting a new blog when I start teaching, since my current blog is supposed to be about dating and stuff. I figure a fresh start – with good stories about the life of a teacher – would mean it’s time to introduce Ardently Aurora. Or Academically Aurora. Or Affectionately Aurora.

    Then again, maybe I won’t land a teaching job… in which case, I fully expect to be able to write a guest post on your new blog!!! 😉


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