Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Social Media Engagements vs. People Engagements

Watch out for those buzzwords. They sting.

Watch out for those buzzwords. They sting.

I’ve spent an awful lot of time this semester hearing a lot of social media “buzzwords”. There is reach, user generated content, remarketing, content curation, funneling,  conversions, and native advertising. But there is one word I’ve heard more than any this semester and not really wanting to hear:engagements.

It’s probably because I go to a school where old guys are considered a unicorn, or in my case a Twonicorn, the bitter incarnate of a unicorn, which causes menace and mayhem across the school and has two horns. Either way, I’m considered rare and awful. So why do I keep hearing this word engagement all the time?

The twonicorn bitter incarnate.

The twonicorn bitter incarnate.

Well, because engagements are a way to measure whether your social media campaign is getting likes, comments and shares. And in case you are wondering, none of my social media sites get any engagements. If it wasn’t for my blog, I think I would have the sum amount of engagements on all my social media sites as 1. One time someone yelled at my Facebook for being so boring. Of course I didn’t respond to that because it is so boring.

As I previously mentioned, I go to a school populated mostly by young people and I am in a young people’s program. So along with that, there are a lot of human female and male interactions going on. You know, like this flirting thing, and the fake laughing at the terribly unfunny jokes, and awkward attendance at these date things and the terribly bad attempts to socially engage with one another. Unfortunately, because of the awkward engagementing, it all leads eventually to the actually engaging, like the passage of rings onto one another’s fingers, and promposals that take months to arrange, all day to execute and only one moment to totally screw up. Despite all the collasal flops, somehow some people actually end up engaged.  It’s all very jarring and very distracting and disconcerting. There is an upside to all of it though. I get to imagine all the crap that happens to these bitter people as soon as the engagement glow happens. It is glorious and terrible. I wish I could be there to witness the bitterness.

So what kind of engagement wins? Is it the social media engagements that are useless to your social media? Or the other useless engagement that makes you the bitternessest.


Bitter Engagement Ben


62 thoughts on “Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Social Media Engagements vs. People Engagements

  1. I’ve never heard of social media engagements before. So now I guess it’s possible to get social media married. And divorced. And I suppose one would have to pay alimony in bitcoins. Or bittercoins. Perhaps it’s bitter to never fall in social media love.


  2. You can post links from your Blog automatically to your Facebook and Twitter pages from WordPress settings. I don’t remember off-hand how I did it, but if I can figure it out, anyone can. If your blog is the most interesting to other people, you might as well capitalize on that.


  3. I agree. “Engaged” has become one of the most overused terms. I hear it at work constantly; how critical it is to be engaged and engage our customers. Remember when it just meant getting married?


  4. Social media is a nonsense world which unfortunately the younger among us see as real and often choose to spend more time with than the real people around them. Likes are interpreted as ‘like’ when if fact they mean, ‘saw this’ ‘wtf?’ ‘this was interesting’ or ‘like me back’

    I just wrote a post especially for a PR company who asked to feature on my blog but addressed the email to my friends young son who passed away three years ago aged 13. I think that says it all. Social media is fickle, false and used to manipulate the gullible.

    As for engagement, I’d rather have 100% reach for those I meet today, that half that for those I will never meet and who will not be there when in times of need or celebration.


  5. I’m pretty indifferent to both types of engagements, since my social media barely gets any (not that it matters), and I don’t know any people who are dating and getting engaged. Pretty much the only type of engagement that affects my life are those engagements that fill up my schedule and make it harder to do the things I’d rather be doing.


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