Juxta positioning Bitter Friday Giftures


Positioning is everything. Whether it is what position you are in line for a concert, what position you are in during a basketball game, what position you hold in a company, or position you are in traffic. The way your day goes, could be solely based on what position you sit in the company. In a high traffic area, a social butterfly would thrive, whereas a bitter, people averse, person would have a whole lot of things to rage blog about, if say he were to have one. And in a corner office with many barriers to entry, such as a locked door, a do not enter sign, a mile hike from every other work station, and a bitter stare to go away is possibly where a social butterfly might not thrive. With this Juxta postioning, a company can insure that neither person be in an environment to thrive, thus making them miserable. Juxta postioning can be a powerful thing, especially when it comes to disastrous results, and nothing thrives with disastrous results (other than me and my blog) more than Friday Giftures. So what glorious results will come from this week’s with some Juxta positioned Giftures? Let’s tune in and find out!

How about this guys’s juxta position…


…of him wanting to be on the roof and the roof wanting to be on the ground. 

 The way the Gorilla gains authority over junior… 


…is to put junior in another juxta position. 

The way to put a cocky guy in his place…



…is to land a cocky guy flat on his face. 

It’s hard to be young at heart…


…when your young heart has an attack of epic proportions.

Being a seal without a tight seal on the wall…


…sealed his fate. 

Leave it to this guy…


…to weasel his way out of a tight situation. 

Isn’t it cool how the  Juxta postioning of the colors…


…does not at all save this dance of the Awkwardness?

Let us look at the Juxta position of this sturdy fellow who works mightily on his balance…


…losing his balance at the first sign of a huge metal object hurtling his way. 

How about the juxta position of guy from a Boston area sports team… 


…who has a deflated ball. 

Or how about this guy who is just trying to do some chair-ity work…


…but can only get some face time. 

Or this poor guy who was just trying to make some deliveries…


…and just ends up getting served. 

And this poor girl who was just trying to get more high fructose corn syrup in her diet to get a nice shiny coat of hair…


…and ends up losing it. Sorry, was that too corny? 

See what I mean about positioning? When you get things in the right position they always seem to work out…Which is why things never work out for me. Because I always get myself in the wrong positions. Because these words should have been in the beginning and the well, I just can’t seem to words get right. Anyways, good morning or something…I give up. Bye.

Ben Juxta Positioning Bitter


27 thoughts on “Juxta positioning Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. That black and white dance of awkwardness totally made my Friday LSHTASOOME!!! (that is, laughing so hard tears are squirting out of my eyes.) The last one was excellent too, probably one of those “Hey guys, watch this!” kind of moments–I see a corny toupee on the horizon. Thanks Ben, I needed that.


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