Escaping Reality Bitterness

Learning about the structure.

All films and stories do this whether they like it or not. Even Twilight.

Movies have been a fascination to me for a long time. I took a class in college about film once and I learned about all about its different aspects. Directing and acting of course, but also about cinematography, screenwriting and editing and how much effect they can each have on a movie. Ever since then, I’ve looked at movies differently. And after reading about the structure of stories, I’ve always looked for certain moments. From the inciting moments, to the mentor, to the Call to Adventure, to the Threshold Guardian.  One of the most important parts of film or stories in general is when the main character is trapped in an impossible situation and they have to find a way out. I’m always fascinated about the different ways writers get people out of the “so-called” impossible situation.

Somehow Dwight makes it out of this impossible corner.

Somehow Dwight makes it out of this impossible corner.

Life often gets that way for us. Whether it’s at work, or in traffic or at school there often times moments in the day where we have to escape impossible situations. Sometimes we have our go to methods, other times, we think outside the box and figure out something new, but in the end we escape to live another day. Sometimes it becomes so dramatic that we need to find an escape in another way.

Everyone has an escape. For some people it is meditating. They have to center themselves by being quiet, thinking positive thoughts and ignoring people. Even if it is only 5 minutes, they are not thinking about the expense report they were supposed to hand in 3 weeks ago, or the email they’ve been avoiding in hopes that the other person will just forget about.

Other people like video games. Not that I know anything about those. Seems like there might be an appeal to being in a world that isn’t my daily grind. And figuring out myself how to get out of the impossible situation. And if I don’t, well, thank goodness there is a reset button, where I can come back just as good as new, and learn something from my screw ups. Or continue to screw up in whole new ways. Regardless, the world is so much better than reality world.

The world I like to escape to.

The world I like to escape to.

Some people have hobbies to escape. They like to paint, or put puzzles together, or make pottery, or blow glass. Some like to ride a motorcycle or fish. Everyone has that thing they would love to do more of that relaxes them, and takes them away to a new world.

Some like finding the next great new TV show to binge watch. Others like to obsess about the way they look in a mirror and how many likes they can get from posting how they look in the mirror. Some love taking naps, sleeping in, and getting zzz’s whenever they can. Maybe it’s because the dreams are so good and they don’t want to leave, or maybe it is from all the time they spend at work that makes them tired.

Others like to do a bit of binge watching.

Others like to do a bit of binge watching.

Then there are the travelers, who cannot stop thinking about their next trip. The Caribbean, Europe, China, Japan, Australia, an African Safari, or even a road trip in an RV across the United States.

Why it is that everyone has a hobby or a passion or a pastime? Why does everyone want to escape so bad? It’s because we are all trapped in this corner of reality and reality is the bitterest. So bitter, in fact, that some people are willing to join a fight club and promise not to talk about it.

Welcome to your impossible corner. Use your brains and your brawn to get out of there, because your reality escape is kind of getting a little impatient and needs you to come rescue it.


Bitter Reality Escape Ben

29 thoughts on “Escaping Reality Bitterness

  1. There’s an old saying, “Gravity is a myth. The earth sucks. That expression “do what you love, the money will follow” is completely true, except they forgot the second part. The whole saying is “do what you love. The money will follow, at a great distance.


    • My money follows me, that is for sure. It just never goes in my wallet or bank account. Just stalks me.
      And me and gravity have had a long history. He is responsible for a lot of injuries over the years.


  2. I love to escape, regularly. Writing is probably my favourite escape at present, closely followed by walking near cliffs and sea.
    My extreme bitterness is if someone else dares to come escape to the same cliff walk. It’s really isolated, not the easiest walk and it’s mine. I can’t bare sharing it.


  3. i clicked the “like” button, even though i didn’t “like” this.
    there should be other buttawnz — in your case: MADE ME MORE BITTERER ! buttawn would be appropriate.
    hmmm. like when someone writes a depressing post about how their dog committed suicide or i’m still moping and angry that the E T s haven’t come back for me yet, or WOE IS ME I’M NOT BEAUTIFUL NOR MAGNIFICENT, etc. — people click “like” on those! now, again, WERDPRESS! R U listening? (yea, i’m stupid, no i mean silly, uv coarse they R’nt) –> give us, THE PEOPLE more and different buttawnz to press!


  4. RV escapes, despite their adventure quotient, usually remind me how much better daily life is in my boring present reality. Bring on the Ruby Slippers! (And French press coffee, reliable heat, long showers, a king-sized bed, etc.) Maybe all this will morph into a post of some sort…


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