Tidying Up with Bitter Ben

  A lot of people are really good at things in their everyday lives that seem pretty inconsequential. Some people are great at doing laundry. They know the right temperature, the best fabric softener and the setting that every piece of clothing should be set at. Other people are amazing at cooking. They have a … Continue reading Tidying Up with Bitter Ben


Bitter Auto Sarcastic Answerer

My life gets really hectic sometimes. I have all kinds of people to ignore, situations that take time to avoid, and work that needs to be done that I need to find excuses for not doing. It is a hectic life and one that doesn't allow a lot of time for ambition. It's not easy … Continue reading Bitter Auto Sarcastic Answerer

Pick Up Lines Ben

You all thought I was lazy. And you are absolutely right. If it was possible for someone invent something that would allow me to slide off the couch, roll me to the kitchen where a sandwich would be made for me, I would probably never leave the couch. Then the other day, I watched something … Continue reading Pick Up Lines Ben

Real Bitter Customization

For some reason there has always been this weird debate between people's rival products. There is the XBox vs. Playstation vs. Nintendo thing, there is the whole Marvel vs. DC thing and this Apple vs. Samsung debate. I used to be the mad loyalist to products until the day that I realized they don't care … Continue reading Real Bitter Customization

Escaping Reality Bitterness

Movies have been a fascination to me for a long time. I took a class in college about film once and I learned about all about its different aspects. Directing and acting of course, but also about cinematography, screenwriting and editing and how much effect they can each have on a movie. Ever since then, … Continue reading Escaping Reality Bitterness