Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Fight vs. Flight

They say when you mess up and get yourself trapped in a corner, like when I was painting the deck, the other 20 years ago, you have one of two responses on how to get out of the mess you got yourself into.  As an expert in literally and figuratively painting myself into corners on … Continue reading Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Fight vs. Flight

Bitter Ben’s Video Game

Sometimes life just sucks and you need to get away.  It could be that you walked outside at 4:50 and it was dark and you ran into the invisible nightmare called a Spiderman's web.  Or your engine light might go on again for you tire being flat.  Or you might have grabbed 13 items at … Continue reading Bitter Ben’s Video Game

Fight or Flight Friday Giftures

  Sometimes when you get trapped (in your cubicle, or in a store) there are only two things you can do.  You can Fight for Your Right to Party, or you can join the Flight Club, but just remember the first rule about the Flight Club.  Do not talk about the Flight Club.  Second rule, … Continue reading Fight or Flight Friday Giftures