Tricky Bitter Giftures

This has been a weird week because not only have I had to do stuff at work, but also when I got home I’ve had to do stuff.  You know those times I’m talking about.  When you can’t go home and immediately change into you sweats and melt into the couch with the remote and a pizza?  You know, when you kids have things and stuff?  Yeah, it was a tricky week for me and one that gave me bitter headaches and crazy nightmares every night.  How am I expected to do like two things every day?  I know I don’t have multitask them, but two things? That is too much for me mentally.  It’s like juggling two things in the air and that is just way too much.  I just wonder how people do two things at the SAME TIME! It must be exhausting.


This guy not only candled his head…


…but held a bowl.  See how doing two things burn you? 


This guy was trying to play…


…two many kinds of pool. 


Standing on a stage AND performing…


…has never been a piece of cake (or pie) for me.


Tabling and staying upright…


…are not real stabling for me.


There’s just so much pressure…


…I mean to live up to expectations…I mean in this water gun.




I’m so smart…


…that I can do two things well. Throw stuff at the wall and fall down..



I get so frazzled…


…when I have to predict the future. 


Now throwing stuff at others…


…and laughing when they fall? That is two things I can do at the same time.


This kid can do more things at his age…


…than I’ve done my entire life.

 Walking and…


…avoiding attack from Sub-Zero? In my dreams…

If I can stand still enough…


…I can avoid my 36th arrow.

And worst of all…

..DO NOT make me have to raise the corners of my mouth.  That is just cruel and unusual.

..DO NOT make me have to raise the corners of my mouth. That is just cruel and unusual.


So that is my thing of the day.  Don’t expect me to do anything else today.  Except scarf some pizza.


Bitter Tricky Ben














29 thoughts on “Tricky Bitter Giftures

  1. Know how I know I’m not a multi-tasker? I read the word pizza and then tried to read the rest of your post. It pretty much read like Charlie Brown’s teacher but the womp-womps were replaced by pizza-pizza. Maybe I’m just hungry :).


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