Rage Quitting Friday Giftures


Back in the old days (pre-Benzoic Era 1973) people were polite when they decided that they didn’t want to something anymore.  People would write a nice note to their boss apologizing that they needed a little time off of work from the mines that they worked 18 hours a day 7 days a week.  “My apologies boss, but my family all has the black plague and I was wondering if it would be possible to leave an hour early so I could buy some medicine to give to them and sit up with them for an hour to comfort their terrible pain.  And perhaps, could I get a hay penny raise a month to help pay for some antibiotics to ease they pain just slightly?” The boss would rage at them for even attempting ask for an hour off and for dare asking for a raise when they were lucky to get picked to work in such a glorious dust filled mine.  “Have you seen the Razor Mines? The dust is so much filthier there! Do you know how lucky you are? And they have to work 8 days a week! At least you get to go home to your family for 6 hours a day!” Nowadays, when the boss asks us to do something hard like run a report in excel, there is rage quitting.  And why shouldn’t we?  It is unacceptable that we should have to work in these conditions!

The porridge is too cold…



…not eating it. 

I didn’t do so well in the race…


…I give up.



I can’t take sitting in this chair anymore…


…I’m going to go steal someone’s idea and make a megacorporation.


I can’t marry this guy…


…the heart he made with the 300 Ipads he bought is slightly misshapen.


You guys aren’t playing with me enough…


..I’m sliding.


Obstacles are hard…


…not doing them. 



Wait, did you say there was a kitty up there?…

...screw it.

…screw it.


I can totally take this old guy….

...annnd I'm out of here.

…annnd I’m out of here.


Okay, so you want a little more rage in your quit? 


…how does this work for you? 


You don’t want to win against this…

...tabletop game hulk.

…tabletop game hulk.


Enjoy your birthday this year…




Sometimes your rage quitting…


…is done by someone else.


On another note, it’s Friday the 13th.  And that makes me bitter, because it could have been epic if Valentine’s Day was on the 13th, so every once in a while, there would be this perfect mash up of love and horror happening on the same day.  It is just a shame that the inventor’s of Valentine’s Day (I’m looking at you, Hallmark) didn’t have the foresight to come up with this kind of super bitter combo.  I say we petition Congress to get it changed and we just see what happens next Friday the 13th Valentine’s Day.  What a warped movie that would be for some director.  On that note, I’m rage quitting out of here!


Bitter Rage Quitter Ben





80 thoughts on “Rage Quitting Friday Giftures

  1. Bitter Ben, you are right. But some of us really are experiencing miserable work conditional, such as those of us who work in publishing. That’s the industry of covens of witches, corporations, and schadenfreud.


  2. Omg! I really wanted to make some sort of clever comment about the first couple of giftures and comments, then I just kept laughing at the next and the next until my brain blew a fuse. HAaha. This was awesome 😀


  3. Love this! Why DO people quit over silly, inconsequential, “you’re not making me happy enough!” crap? Oh, because we’re raising and have raised a generation of entitled brats. *sigh* On another note, I’m totally with you on Friday the 13th Valentine’s Day… Brilliant! Even I would celebrate that…


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