Bitter Indecisiveness

Choose something for goodness sake!  Chicken or fish! I don’t know…fish is so terrible and chicken is really good, perhaps I’ll go with…I just don’t know! Do you wanna watch a comedy or drama?  Let me see, should we laugh really hard for an hour and half or sit around bored trying to decide why everyone is so sad? Where do you want to go for vacation? South Dakota or Hawaii?  Hmmm…warm weather, sandy beaches, pineapple tours to be bored at…in warm weather.  But South Dakota has the fresh smell of cow dung.  Dirty snow, black ice and miles and miles of flat grey fields. Whatever should I do?  Who knows? Decisions are so hard.  And thinking is even harder.  Can we just do something else right now? Like staring off into space until the day is over? Thanks, or whatever.


Rangers, how do we decide who gets to fight the evil Pig Monster?


How about we flip for it?


How do we decide who’s driving to the beach?

How about we flip for it?

How about we flip for it?

Let me see…


Leg in

Cold or warm? 


What should we have for dinner? Hamburgers…

...or Hot Dogs?

…or Hot Dogs?


Burn rubber…

...or die?

…or Ride or Die? 


Rock, paper, scissor…


…or thumb war.


Stand here and look like an idiot…

or jump.

…or jump.


Who wants to take these guys…


…Supes or Green Lantern?


 Stay in tonight….


…or go out.


 Sunny day…

Bright of

or Dark Knight?


Pull up for a jumper…


…or do a spin move?


Be happy for other people’s accomplishments…



…or bitter because they won.



Go on and on forever? Or just put this post out of its misery.  I just don’t know what to do. Either way, in the end, we both lose.


Bitter Indecisive, hmm what nickname should I use, I just don’t know Ben






55 thoughts on “Bitter Indecisiveness

  1. The day you posted this I thought the gifs were kind of stupid. Today I can’t stop laughing. Hoorray for my being in a better, not bitter mood.


  2. I can’t help but to advocate for going to South Dakota to lend to your feeling of decisiveness. Ha! Both of my parents are from there, so I’ve spent all of my life consistently going there for summers and holidays. Okay, some parts DO smell like cow dung, (HA) but other parts are pretty cool, I swear. I’m just now starting to appreciate the cool places though.

    As usual, I Laughed Out Loud at this one! 😀


    • The only reason I make fun of South Dakota is because I was from there. And it is a pretty easy target. Where in SD did your parents come from? I know there are some cool places there, but my bitter junior high and high school experiences were from there and I couldn’t wait to leave there.

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      • I had no idea you were from there! I understand! My Jr. High school experiences were in Wyoming. HA!

        My dad is from Aberdeen, and my mom is from a town called Mobridge. My uncle lives in Deadwood (I used to live there in the summers when I worked for him). My dad lived in Rapid City for a while. Where in SD are you from?


        • I at least lived in the big city there. Sioux Falls. There were some things to do there, but not much more than many of the small towns there. But that is good in a way, because I didn’t get in much trouble. I definitely know where Aberdeen is, and Deadwood, and Rapid City, and I heard of Mobridge, but I would have to look up where it was to remember anything about it. Good times huh? Anyways, after high school I knew I wanted to leave and pretty much since I left, only stayed as long as a summer.

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        • Sioux Falls is the only place in SD I think I haven’t been. I used to want to go when I was a kid bc it was a “big city”. HA! Then, my dad moved to Phoenix, and it didn’t seem as big anymore.


        • That’s funny. I think the only thing that made it resemble any kind of city was that it had a mall, a water slide park and an airport. Other than that, it was just a town with more of everything that the rest of the small towns had. Gas stations, churches, movie theaters, etc.

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  3. Questions, questions, questions! Does the weekend start technically or literally, on Friday’s or Saturday’s? I come here for the laughs Ben, and the laughs—well no one does it better… I mean bitter.


  4. Ah, indecisiveness. Truly one of my life’s mantras. As I was reading the title of this blog, my eyes saw your tweet about how some nobody had 7000 followers. I can’t understand that. That makes me bitter for you and I myself.


  5. I did not know door-diving was a thing. Ouch. And what a perfect representation of bitter clapping! He hasn’t let go of his Robert Smith bangs and hipster hat, so he is clearly bitter on all realms. Five dollars says he can make exquisite armpit fart noises with those hands.


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