Funny Blog Friday and Halloween Bitter Giftures

So here is the image.

In case you couldn’t tell by the image above, it is FBF or Funny Blog Friday for those that can’t read.


When I first moved to Seattle, my brother in law(and his family) had just moved here too.  When he moved to another house, he forgot his valued high school sweatshirt.  So one day, out of the kindness of our hearts (by ours I mean not mine) we brought it back to him.  He said he didn’t want it, and told us to keep it.  So of course, we didn’t listen and left it there.  This set off an epic battle of hide and seek in which we traded the sweatshirt back and forth at each other’s houses and found better hiding spots for it each time.  While I think we have the sweatshirt to this day, we won the battle and the war when we found a picture online of a scarecrow that prompted our final smackdown.  See the picture below.

Yes we did.

Yes we did.

It looked so scary to his wife that she thought there was a creeper waiting on their porch.

Alright, here is one more gif o

Thank you Rocket. I agree.


What do you think Chloe….

What do you think Chloe? Funny enough for you?

Funny enough for you?


Alright, that is way too much funny for me or anyone else to handle. So back to my regularly scheduled Bitter Halloween Spooky Friday Giftures.


Why is this guy…


…balancing on a round oversized pumpkin?




…Who knew an oversized ball could be so scary?


I don’t know what is creepier…


…the slot machine eyes, the Clicklet teeth, or the snake charmed tail. 


We could play bob for apples..

or whack a pinata? I can't remember.

…or play some whack-a-mole. 


Historical fact….


…not only was the Titanic haunted, but it was filled with explosives. 



That guy was trying to get revenge…


…on Ghost Car. 


This guy was about to win….


…until he was tripped by Ghost Runner, then possessed by Ghost Worm. 


Don’t ever mess with Coach Ghost Rider…


…or you’ll get fired and that can be a little shocking.



Don’t mess with Ellen Degenerate…


…or she will get you back Taylor Swiftly. 



It takes training and hard work…



…to prevent a catastrophe.



Oh my gosh…


…Miley. Please stop the twerking. Please!


Henry was really far behind…


…until he ran into the pole position. 



Bitter Halloween, everyone.  I hope your candy bag is full of Whoppers, apples and razorblades.  I hope your houses are haunted and you get tricked instead of treated.  I hope your ghoulfriend breaks up with you and your dreams are haunted.  And worst of all, I hope the Christmas specials and ads on TV start invading your life before Halloween is even over.  Booo HAHAHAHA!

Don’t forget to enter my contest by either following me on Twitter, Facebook,  or if you’ve done both already, clicking a “Like” on one of my posts 6 months old or older.  See here for details on my contest.  Entries will end by the end of today and I will let you know a winner next week sometime when I feel like it.

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Bitter #FBF Ben





54 thoughts on “Funny Blog Friday and Halloween Bitter Giftures

  1. Whoopers are great! I love them, and I’d be happy if my kid came home with a bunch I could steal from her! Also, Thank You for reminding me I told my 14 year old daughter I would record all the Hallmark holiday movies and even WATCH them with her…what was I thinking? Those movies go on for days! I’ll need those Whoopers to get through the movies! Happy Halloween!


    • Let me guess, you prefer Peppermint Patties, apples and Jolly Ranchers over Snickers, Milky Way, Skittles and 3 Musketeers! Someday there will be a great debate on the rankings of candy, but I don’t know if I would survive it.
      As far as the Christmas movies, we’ve seen them all. And I’m sure we will continue to start watching them as soon as the networks start showing repeats.


  2. Okay laughing laughing laughing then. oooooo that poor guy! I’m a runner and thank God a woman though it still would have hurt like hell. Is that your daughter she’s so cute! Thanks for the laughs, and laughs, and laughs. Have a great weekend dude.


  3. I totally followed and clicked like on your March 30 post I think – it made fun of Gwyneth Paltrow, and anyone who does that is tops with me. I hate her. The Titanic caption was my favorite – why does everything explode in Hollywood? Oh and Happy Halloween!


    • No matter how little time you have, there is always time to make fun of Gwyneth Paltrow, that stupid uncoupling shank. There are other celebrities I hate too and will often sneak those in posts from time to time. Thanks for clicking on stuff and I will enter you in the contest!


  4. The motorcycle one caused me to *handface*. I’m wondering what the vehicle did, or if the person was just a moron. Really, how did they think that was a good idea?

    And the pole one? I’m KIND OF thinking there should’ve been something either indicating that a pole was RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER (at crotch-level, no less) or blocking it somehow. There’s no telling how many people that happened to. Not cool, marathon organizers. Not cool.


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