Smash Mouth Bitter Giftures

I like to break stuff.  Sometimes I do it unintentionally like when I step on my sunglasses or drop my Ipod, or accidentally break a window when I hit a baseball so far that it breaks windows two houses down.  Just kidding I suck at baseball, but I do break windows.  What is way more satisfying is breaking other people’s stuff.  I get an evil bitter chortle when I see an old baseball stadium blow up or if I see a TV show where they get to break down an old house with a sledge hammer.  Well, it’s Friday and I am now fantisizing about breaking the phone system so that no one will be able to call and I will be able to blog in bitterness.  So what to talk about on the blog today.  Ahhh, I got it.  Smashing things.  Batters Up!

Have a Coke…


...and some destruction.

…and some destruction.



Don’t flip out…

...or actually do.

…or actually do.



Game didn’t go the way you expected?

...take it out on the $2000 TV, not the coaches or the players.

…take it out on the $2000 TV, not the coaches or the players.


I’m Samantha Harris, reporting to you live from..


...Videobomb Fail, Michigan...

…Videobomb Fail, Michigan…


Diving is so boring, I can hardly stand to watch it…


...until now.

…until now.  DO IT AGAIN, DUDE!


Oh man this is gonna be great..aaaand…


...oh dang it! That didn't go as planned.

…oh dang it! That didn’t go as planned.


Hey cat, time to eat…

...oh whoops.

…oh whoops.


Why do Rise Bruce?



…so we can learn how fall back down to earth, because Gravity.



Oh, I’m sorry you are feeling sad…


…here I’ll give a real reason to cry.


Don’t mess with Bull…


…or you will get the pillow.



It’s Friday, so let’s gain some momentum…


…toward our inevitable doom.



Hope you enjoy your weekend… 



…cause Monday isn’t looking good.



Alright suckers.  The office has been a little too calm today, so I’m off to make some destruction.  Get out there and smash some stuff.



Bitter Smashing Ben















33 thoughts on “Smash Mouth Bitter Giftures

  1. Okay. The motorcycle? O.o

    I’m still trying to figure out the point of that pole thing. (Does that count as a pun?)
    Just, “Let me see if I can climb all the way to the end of it before it hits the ground.” ??
    Because that’s the only point I can find in it.

    And the peppers. LOLZ (Wouldn’t be LOLZ if it was real life.)


  2. Your gifs are always fantastic. But I always wish I could break things, like when your mom gets angry and throws a dish at the wall… lucky. I don’t have the “throw-caution-the-the-wind”-type attitude to break my own stuff. I did break my neighbor’s pool table the other day, however. But I feel bad about that now ;/


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