Keep Calm and Remain Bitter


Just a reminder…


Oh..hey.  What’s up? Just a little reminder…whether your wi-fi isn’t working, your in-laws are in town, or your back hurts because you fell off your roof trying to take down your old satellite and a bear appeared along with a honeycomb of bees and scared the crap out of you…you should remain bitter.  Whether the bitterness is deep below the surface hiding underneath your bubbly smile and happy disposition, or made public by your bitter screams of foul play, keep up the bitter work. I wish you a bitter day of “It’s almost Monday, noooooo!!!!”


Ben Bitter Much? Ben

25 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Remain Bitter

  1. I don’t have to be bitter. Someone around me will always be bitter for one reason or another and spread it my way. I expect it, and cherish it as an acceptable form of negative opinion begging to be heard. They have that right.

    Bitter on, Ben! 😝


  2. I am bitter because so many people keep telling me to be calm and do something else. In the first place, one surefire method for making me fly off the handle is to tell me to calm down. I could be in a state of perfect zen serenity (rare, but it could happen), and if somebody tells me to calm down, IT’S ON! Then telling me to do something else as well! Isn’t it enough of an effort just to remain calm? WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE WANT OF ME? I shall remain bitter, but I refuse to calm down. Good post.


    • I think we all have our trigger words. One of mine is “What’s wrong?” or “You don’t alright.” or go find a better job, because that is easy. I’ll just go down to the job store and pick one up that is on sale.


      • I KNOW!!! Especially about the job thing. I may steal that line about the job store. However, I may soon be bitter about losing the job I have. Perhaps I ought to calm down about that (what’s that therapy called when you purposely expose yourself to something to it loses its effect on you?).


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