In case you missed it…Because you were busy getting trapped in a toy store


…because you were busy getting trapped in a toy store. 


I got kicked out of the house this weekend because my mini me daughter had her birthday and she wanted to do it with other female humans.  So I had to get off the couch and stop being annoying dad for a little bit.  Mini me boy decided that he didn’t want to go the movies (basically a large sized television where I can sit and be lazy in the dark for 3 hours and not talk), so I had to use my brain to think of something else to do.  I decided to bring him to a face stuffing store (a restaurant) so we could get stuffed fuller than a turkey at Thanksgiving. That only took 30 minutes (curse you, Red Robin and your fast service!) so we had more time to kill.  Instead of doing something smart (like finding a furniture store with beds, couches and lazy boy chairs), I decided to tell the kid that we could go to Toys R Us. Stupid decision(I’ve got my doctorate in bad decision making). Why would I go to a place where annoying kids hang out again? For a coupon? 20% off for one item? While my son was off annoying other people, I saw something I had heard about but never seen. A bike with fat tires.  So many questions. Actually, just one.  Why the fat tires?

Many other questions came this week, like would anyone ever want Bitter Advice from me? And if so, why? That is a question I asked this week and for some reason people decided they wanted some answers.  People really need some help becoming bitter? I’m pretty bitter that people needed some help, since I’ve done over 300 posts giving them reasons why.

Two weeks ago, I decided I didn’t want to be in this Realm anymore, so I decided to go to the Video Game realm, but found myself just waiting in a line. It was almost as bad as waiting in line at DMV. I was able to bitter blog about it, in part 2, which may or may not tell if I make it into the world and if I do, what character and game I get assigned to.  Find out if there are more cliffhangers in Bitter Realm Part 2.

Going against the good advice of Alfred, my butler, I decided to reveal my Secret Identity.  If you read the post, you may find out what my Secret Identity is, but if you do find out what it is, then it won’t be a secret anymore.  So maybe you shouldn’t read it.  Besides, even if you don’t, it will probably not be revealed in the next post…

Which was a follow up to my Monday Post, called Bitter Advice Thursday, Man or B.A.T. Man for short.  This is where I actually answered questions really badly and bitterly.  For those that wanted to be bitter, this provided all kinds of way to be more so.

Then I finally ended the misery by doing some more Real Moving Giftures, since pictures move now.

I did some bittery twittery,

I got some comments,

On Bitter Advice Column:

“Question: Does your boss read your blog? And if so, why are you still employed?
(Hey where’s my finder’s fee?)” SJ Powers

On Bitter Realm Part 2:

“No way – not the worst. I mean…maybe. Maybe I have an odd appreciation for bad things? Either way – I’m happy you followed with a part two! 🙂Properly Ridiculous

On My Bitter Secret Identity:

“I live in L.A. Anyone who fights traffic is a hero to me. You have me convinced. And your son totally cheated.” Outlier Babe

On Bitter Advice Thursday:

“Right! But isn’t that what we love about you? You’re like an adult size sour patch kid, and who can resist them?” – anewperspectiveperhaps

On Real Moving Giftures Friday:

“And that is why I hate little yippy dogs.” – morichansgarden


And some Giftures:

Guess I'm gonna die soon.

Guess I’m gonna die soon.



Why I don't skateboard.

Why I don’t skateboard.

And that is why I’m out of here.


Bitter Toy Store Ben





































































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