Real Moving Friday Giftures


It’s been an exhausting week.  I’ve learned things, like maybe I want to live on Neptune, not only because it rains diamonds there, but also there are so few people there.  Maybe even none. And if that is even a remote possibility, then…Probably not though.  There is a whole Neptunerds that just want to talk to you constantly and are even more annoying than humans.  If that is the case, all the rain diamonds in the world wouldn’t make it worth it.  Even if the weather there was a little cooler than here.  I thought this week had caused me to want to move, but then I remembered I could barely stand moving off the couch.  But there are other people that are foolish enough to move.  Take a look.

This guy’s heart…

...went plummeting to his knees.

…went plummeting to his knees.


This lady…

...was trying to move the stove...and her solar plexis.

…was trying to move the stove…and her solar plexis.


This guy was trying to move to second base…

...and got denied.

…and got denied.



This guy…

...or is it little girl was trying to move the audience.

…or is it little girl?… was trying to get the audience moving.



This guy…

...was trying to capture the elusive baseball player on camera.

…was trying to capture the elusive baseball player on camera.


This guy…

...was trying to get one of those mud facials.

…was trying to get one of those mud facials.


This guy… moving the waterslide a little closer.

…is moving the waterslide a little closer.


This girl…

...shouldn't have tried to move so fast.

…shouldn’t have tried to move so fast.


This guy… blowing up the spot.

…is blowing up the spot.


This guy…


…is gonna be moved to the hospital soon. 


This girl..

...can hairly move.

…can hairly move.


This lady….

...fell a liitttle short.

…fell a liitttle short.


And this diver… quitting diving and going to attend shark week.

…is quitting diving and going to attend shark week.


And that is the last of moving I’m doing this week.  My fingers are taking the rest of the day off…along with my eyes, ears and face.  My mouth will and nose will be working around noon, but only to cram that pizza in my face and then it’s ignoring work for the rest of the day. In fact, I think I will take next week off to do nothing.


Bitter Moving Ben








23 thoughts on “Real Moving Friday Giftures

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  2. And how would rain diamonds beat this, anyway? Face it… we selfishly refuse your desire to relocate to such a remote location (selfishly including bloggers everywhere as part of my collective objection). On the wobble, this should charge your collective bitterness. No?


  3. I do NOT even know where to start – It’s like I can’t even pick a favorite! That mud stunt CRACKED ME UP, but when I got to that poor kid who’s dog tried to eat her ponytail!?? This is why I kind of HATE those little rat-dogs… KILL. Have a good weekend!


  4. LOL moving pictures. XD

    1) That female is lucky the stove didn’t kill her.
    2) Can hairly move. Nice one there.
    3) Hospital room for that dude, for sure.

    The chick failing to jump over (anywhere near) that thing. (Hurdles? Or are they called something different with that particular sporting event/thing/whatever? It’s a freaking hurdle.) Anyway, I laughed the hardest on that one. I don’t know why, but those sorts of fails always get me.
    (Almost like my fail with the last part of this comment.)


    • Some people call them moving pictures, I call them giftures.
      1) I guess some people just can’t take the heat. She should get out of the kitchen huh?
      2) I should be sent to pun jail for that one.
      3) All that so he could sneak into a girls room. Worth it hope? Pretty sure to him it was.

      That girl was ATTEMPTING to do the high jump. I was actually good at that for about a year. I finished 2nd in our city high jump competition. Of course there was only 5 people in the contest. I got much worse and never did do it after that year. All I know is I never did it as badly as she did. I couldn’t stop CTMing that one. On Sunday I tried to answer all your comments and pretty much epic failed too. And your comments never fail.


      • Does ANYONE ELSE out there actually call them moving pictures? (Below the age of 80.)

        It was a good pun. I love puns. They’re so punny.

        I’ve never even ATTEMPTED to do the high jump thing. I would fail much worse than she did, probably. Yeah.
        It’s cool that you’ve done it before.

        I pretty much fail at everything, so no worries. XD


        • Nope just you. If only because it is funny.
          Puns are great. My barometer for a good pun? It makes people groan, then they say, “So terrible!”
          The high jump was kind of cool because it was pretty much two or three people doing it at every track meet. So it was pretty chill then I could go home. The practice days were the days that sucked.
          You are quite the success at writing and that is what matters. 🙂


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