Ride or Die Friday Giftures

While I was on vacation a few weeks ago, I just happened to be flipping the stations and came upon the movie Fast and Furious 6.  I hadn’t seen one of those movies since the 3rd or 4th iteration and was totally curious to find out if Vin Diesel had grown as an actor.  Of course he had (through steriods) grown and it was good to see that the stunts were still really realistic and I totally bought in.  It was completely realistic that Vinny stood on a hood of car going 100 mph’s and leaped across a median on a bridge to catch his girlfriend and land on a car, only to just kind of shatter the windshield on the car he landed on.  And his driving a car completely through a plane? Child play. Don’t we all do that on a weekly basis? The thing that I learned from this is their motto: Ride or die.  Those are the only choices.  Since I’m not into dying this weekend, how bout we ride?


 Let’s Ride…  

..or catnip.

..the catnip high bars.


Let’s Ride…

...or cry.

…the dodgeball freeway.



Let’s Ride…


…the index finger Merry Go Round.



Let’s Ride..

..the downhill roof slopes.

..the downhill roof slopes.


Let’s ride…

...the running of the humans.

…the running of the humans.


Let’s ride…

...the grocery cart Olympics.

…the grocery cart Olympics.


Let’s ride…

...the Wheelbarrow 500.

…the Wheelbarrow 500.



Let’s ride…


...the Battle of Valley Pillow Case.

…the Battle of Valley Pillow Case.



Let’s ride…

...the Juggling of tiny boxes.

…the Juggling of Really Tiny Boxes Contest.


Let’s ride…

...the Inability to Grab a Spice from the Kitchen Face Competition.

…the My Spice all of a Sudden Turned into a Bee then Make a Crazy Face Competition.


Let’s ride….

...the Most Embarrasing Insurance Claims World Cup.

… in the Most Embarrasing Insurance Claims World Cup.


And last of all, Let’s Ride…

...for the You've got one more lap to go Idiot Bowl.

…for the You’ve Got One More Lap to go Idiot Bowl.



Have a bitter weekend and make sure you drive incarefully out there!


Bitter Ride or Die Ben



29 thoughts on “Ride or Die Friday Giftures

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  3. Crazy-face,
    you’ve got the goofiest little crazy-face …
    I’m running out of things that rhyme with mace,
    haste, and place … you sure have started somethin’ —
    you keep my fingers pumpin’ …


  4. I liked the wheelbarrow one. And the cat (though I’m more of a ‘dog person’).

    As for the inspiration for this post, I haven’t watched any of those movies since Tokyo Drift. Was the sixth decent?


    • I’m more of a dog person too, though we don’t have any animals, except a hamster that never bothers me. I’m the one that put the hammer down on animals. I had a cat that I couldn’t stand growing up and she tormented us for 20 years. And as great as dogs can be, they still smell. My son comes home from his friends house and he always smells like a wet dog. And my daughter is terrified of dogs, especially little ones. I would only get a cat for temporary purposes and only to eat mice.


      • Wow, I can’t imagine not having animals (apart from a hamster).
        Yes, cats can be pretty evil. (Poo is.)
        Dogs only really stink when they’re not given baths. Yes, you have the stinky breeds (like beagles), but some are much worse than others. Pig gets baths pretty often and she rarely stinks because of that. (But yes, going out in the rain is pretty awful until her next bath.)
        I’m not a fan of little dogs. Like . . . at all.
        I don’t blame her for being terrified of the small ones. They’re more inclined to bite. The only dog I’ve EVER been bitten by was a Cocker Spaniel (which is a medium-small rather than small, but still counts as small to me because it sounds like a yip for a bark).
        (I know quite a bit about dogs, and actually wanted to be a ‘dog behavioral expert’ for a while when I was younger. Just a little tidbit there.)
        I LOVE dogs. (Apart from the little ones.)
        And I dunno, but I just think it’s really good to have them. (Only if you want them, obviously.)

        Yes, cats would be good for a mice infestation. haha


  5. I’m bitter that all my wheelbarrow race partners were not this good. I’m also bitter about the way that woman was cooking the salmon; she was totally ruining it even before she threw it out the window. Wasted food makes my bitterness bitter….


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