In case you missed it…because you were busy getting season finalied

Because you were busy get season finalied.

Because you were busy get season finalied.

You always know the season finales are happening when the world starts spinning as fast as a hurricane, tornado, volcano and the Flash combined.  You know when a divorce, marriage, death, and merger all happen to the same person in the same hour.  So I completely don’t understand how you could have missed a moment of bitterness or blogs or any kind of blogs combined with bitterness. Well for those fortunate enough to see every finale and miss reading

Here is a cliffhanger for you.  Just when you thought you would never see a Ben Gardner Newsletter after the first, you luckily got another one to ignore.  You are welcome for giving you yet another reason to be bitter.  It is a newsletter full of nontrigue, boringness and all kinds of attention destroyers.  Read about it in Ben Gardner Newsletter Volume 2.

Things were pretty bad for me last week, getting all out of breath.  I walked for what seemed like minutes(though it was only seconds).  It was a chilling tale, of bitterness, betrayal and danger.  The danger of Air that was so fresh, that it almost killed me.  Hear more of this harrowing tale in Bitterly Fresh Air.

The finale of the week, at least the work week, was of course the Friday Giftures.  Most things get under my skin, but nothing so much as everything.  See more gifture examples in Bitter Irritating Friday Giftures.


The Twitter Season Finale is closing for the second, but the second after the we will see Season Premiere.  I guess some things have shorter seasons than others. See My Season Finales.

There were really bitter comments:

On Bitter Ben Gardner Newsletter Volume 2:

“You know, come to think of it, I was on that mailing list Scott Adams started in the mid-90s promising to set up the new ruling class when the revolution came. I think I might’ve been in early enough to be assured extra servants. I should probably drop a letter and see how that revolution is coming along; I’ve got stuff to finish that someone else could do easily.” Joseph Nebus

“Will you like my book (if it ever gets published) so I can become rich and famous too?” SJ Powers

“So that’s why Titanic became such a hit! And here I was, thinking it was that scene where the guy jumps off the ship and hits the propeller.” Katie

On Bitterly Fresh Air:

“Since I live in a quiet, suburban area that makes me miss the daily 300-steps-of-subway-doom, I tend to crave the uphill walk around the corner from my house once in a while. Picture still living with your twenty-something son who never LEAVES his room longer than it takes to eat, hastily wash his dishes and use the bathroom. Oh, and occasionally shower… :/LVital7019

I tried to refrain from laughing at their “bad idea”……
To make that sort of exercise equipment worse….. I’ll never forget a show I watched that listed different bacteria found there and how much. Audience gasping. So next time you can add that as to why they should never go again. Health reasons! =P” – Shawna in Wonderland

“Hilarious! You did a great job at capturing attention from that initial clip of the girl jumping on the air mattress–it threw me off 😛

I became tired just reading about your walk. I’m usually an out-doors type of person, but being pregnant has really stifled me in that regard. I’m glad it was you and not me who was forced into the fresh air 😀

I’m sure it was a bittersweet journey! That was a fun read, thanks for chuckle.” Nebulous Blooms

On Bitter Irritating Friday Giftures:

“Trees are annoying. I make as many copies as possible (plus 10 extra every time) so they have to cut more down.” Backuphill

“Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Fridays because of you Bitter Ben. Thank you for the giggles.. and making my coworkers think I’m even crazier than usual 🙂Amanda

“That waking up from a nap before you are ready? That’s me every single damn morning.” Victoria Bruce


And now the part you have been waiting for since the beginning.  It’s like the last two minutes of the finale, that you really care about. Bonus Giftures:


The finale of the Amazing Car Race.

The finale of the Amazing Car Race.



Nose body nose what was so funny.  Now they nose I guess.

Nose body nose what was so funny. Now they nose I guess.


Now back to your regularly scheduled season finales.  By the way, spoiler, that one guy dies.  But that is okay.  He’s a jerk.











15 thoughts on “In case you missed it…because you were busy getting season finalied

  1. Season finales are actually an evil plot to make us all suffer and be bitter about summer arriving and ending our shows. Because suddenly we find ourselves with nothing to look forward to each night, and are forced to sitting around and stalk the internet for wild theories about the upcoming season in the fall. It’s actually ploy to ruin people’s summers. And it works. Chaos approves.


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