Magically Bitter Friday Gifitures

Magic has been in the air lately.  By in the air, I mean on the air.  And by on the air, I mean on TV.  Now You See Me, The Wonder Burt Wonderstone, Harry Potter… They have all been on TV this week, which means that magic is in the air.  So I assume that means that magical things will happen this week.  And by magical I mean curses, which has been performed upon me at work, and work has made me want to do so. So for your bitter entertainment, I present Magically Bitter Friday Pictures.

This guy was eaten…


by a magical bush.


This guy called upon his trusty broomstick….


…but the broomstick was sitting at home watching Harry Potter and was too lazy to come visit.

This horse was bitter that his unicorn dream didn’t come true…


…so he became a pegasus.



This guy forgot to wear his cape of invisibility…

but remembered his swift judo magic.

…but remembered his swift kick to the groin magic.

Never venture into the pool of darkness…


…if you ever want to be seen again.


Watch Beyonce perform on stage…


her pull a pizza out of my hair trick…(my favorite trick by the way)

Watch this guy learn how to levitate…


while his friend forgets how to…


Watch this magician…


…do the rare make the leaf pile, two kids disappear and anger the raker trick. 

Watch this guy levitate over the earth…


and then not…


And for our grand finale….


We’ll scare the crap out of this dude….


Now watch as I make all my blog followers disappear in one easy blog post.  Abra-kadabra, disappero….

Later suckers!


Bitter Disappearer Ben


54 thoughts on “Magically Bitter Friday Gifitures

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    • I’m good at being bitter, but not so good at magic. All I gotta say is you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. Maybe you are your other blog friends can find somewhere to hang out until morning when I reopen the blog.


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  3. Yeah the pizza trick…she got that off me. Bitter? Me? hmph…I feel like the girl on the left that the magic brookstick guy landed on. Like I need to give my head a shake but OH here’s THIS guy to do it for me! Thanks for reminding me, Ben. That one can just be grooving along and all of a sudden someone falls out of the sky and lands on your head. I’m staying in this weekend.


  4. That was a mean thing to do while Long Duck Dong was trying to sleep. I am very impressed by Beyonce at this point. Shaking her bum half-naked at Superbowl half-time did nothing for me, but pulling a partially-eaten Supreme pizza out from her weave so nonchalantly really showcases her both Italian heritage and her mastery of magic. She is a regular Doug Henning. Minus the overbite. And the mustache. And the being dead part.


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