Bitter song of the Week

There is no sweet in a symphony.  Only bitter.

There is no sweet in a symphony. Only bitter.

Bitter Ben’s Ipod here.  You may remember me from such posts as this one.  And no other posts.   Ben keeps me really busy, always playing songs and movies and TV shows while he is driving.  He is so bitter with rage at the end of the day, that he wants to live dangerously.  Which is fine for him.  But think about how hard it is for me.

At least he gets a vacation every once in a while.  When he works out(never), or when he goes on vacation, or even when he is just sitting on the couch(most of the time) I have to work.  And do you know many Gigs I have to carry around?  Like at least 90. I’d love to workout, but he never lets me.  He is always blaring the Yanni or Cher.  He’ll say he’s hardcore and all playing metal and  rap, but really when no one is around he likes easy listening.  I can prove it.  Check his Most played list.  Wow embarrasing.  My friend Mom’s Ipod that barely has to work has a better list of music that he does.

I bet even if he stopped being so lazy and stole some music from the internet, he would have a better list.  He is so bitter that he doesn’t even realize that you can just take it from the internet.  He just goes to Itunes and buys it! And not even the $.99 songs.  He actually pays for the $1.29 songs.  What a sucker! No wonder he is so bitter.

Anyways, it sounds like he is coming so, here is the bitter song on the week.  It is Bittersweet Symphony.  It is actually supposed to be Bitter Symphony, but I changed the title, because I love seeing how much Ben doesn’t like sweet mixed with his bitter.  It’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.   Yeah, I went there.  Sue me!  Oh wait you can’t.  Cause all the music on here is paid for suckers!

Anyways, how does he end these things?  With some lame Arrrggghhhh!

Bitter Ben’s Ipod


Hey, Ipod I have told you to get off my blog and whatever you do don’t hit publis



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  3. I am a horrible presenter of awards, but I put your name as nominated for the Liebster Award on my blog. I guess I was supposed to ask you 11 questions, there are rules I did not abide by them. But you and 10 others are named as my honored nominations for amazing and new (to me) blogs!


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