Bitter fish of the week

There is nothing sweet about bitterlings.

My son and daughter were playing Animal Crossing this week and were doing a little fishing when they caught  this fish.  It’s called a bitterling and I know why.  It is bitter and small and no one ever pays attention to it.  In fact, I bet you didn’t even know that there was a fish called a bitterling.  This fish is constantly overlooked by more fancy fish like clown fish featured in Finding Nemo, or the Shark, who gets its own week.  I would be bitter too.

Some fish are more colorful or swim faster or are mud dwellers so they get more attention.  The bitterling is the cubicle dweller of the fish world, constantly showing up on time, getting eaten by other bigger fishes when they are assigned to be, and not making any waves(you know because they are so small).  They are tired of being overlooked and are becoming bitter about it!

I have to say as a bitter person that I don’t blame them.


Bitter Bitterling Ben

The bitterling has small fishes disease.

2 thoughts on “Bitter fish of the week

  1. Here’s to another delightfully bitter post. Two things especially got to me – one that you posted this on a Friday, the traditional no, but fish eat day in several religions. The other is that you didn’t mention what great bait a bitterling makes. If you want fish and chips bigger than bite-sized, use your bitterling as bait and catch a monster bitterfish.


  2. Do you remember when you had a best friend, and you use to do everything together? You were both single and enjoying the single life. You did a number of single things together, like talk for hours, to to the movies, hangout out each others house etc.
    Then one day, your best friend decides to marry. And of course, he’s iasked you to be the best man, and your promptly agree; because, he is, after all, your best friend.

    So, now he’s married, and enjoying the married life, and is doing what married people do. He’s picking up kids, he’s shopping for the family, he’s working around the house, he’s having date night with his wife and he’s adjusting well to becoming a very domesticated husband. Which is not a bad thing, but suddenly, after a few years of being put off, you’ve come to the realization that your best friend is nolonger accessible as he once was, and he can nolonger “hangout” like he use too.

    Because the relationship dynamic has changed. You now have to find yourself a new “single” friend. This makes me so bitter. Because I am now a single bitter bachlor, who is without a single guy best friend. Oh, don’t get me wrong. We still get together, but its always in a “couples” setting. Which, also is not bad. But, being single as I am. Each time we get together, I show up with a different woman. I know his wife thinks “what a shallow guy”. But, if we were both still single this would not be a problem. So, I say, single Bitter Bachelors unite. Reclaim your once single best friend, or get a new single best friend. Me? I’m going to look for a new buddy. If you know what I’m talking about feel free to comment.


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