Car Bitterness

I have a dream that one day my life will be similar to human life on the spaceship from the movie Wall-E.  Not for mankind in general but just for me.  If you haven't seen the Wall-E, the premise is that humans had to leave earth because it wasn't safe anymore so they all live … Continue reading Car Bitterness

Trial and Error bitterness

There have been some great combinations in the history of combinations.  There was Tango and Cash of the movie Tango and Cash.  There is the Reese's Peanut Butter claim of chocolate and peanut butter being a good combination.  How about a locker and a combination lock?  There is Romeo and Juliet, a combination of opposing families … Continue reading Trial and Error bitterness

The Bitterest Place on Earth – Part 3 Epcot Edition

Each of the four Disney Parks have a symbol of the park, essentially not only the theme of the park, but also the center of the park.  Magic Kingdom is of course the princess castle, Animal Kingdom is a big tree (yes, a tree), Disney Studios(which we will talk about later) is the Magic Hat that Mickey wears in … Continue reading The Bitterest Place on Earth – Part 3 Epcot Edition

I’m leaving Bitterness

I'm packing up my bitterness in a suitcase and flying off to someplace a little sunnier.  As my parting gift to both of my loyal followers, and coal for those that don't read all the time, or don't enjoy reading it, I am leaving you with one last blog before I do my next blog … Continue reading I’m leaving Bitterness

Black Friday bitterness

    As I spoke previously about my bitterness about holidays and how we don't have enough, I have come to the realization that the reason why we don't have more holidays is because we don't appreciate the ones that we have.  Let's face it, how much do we really care about them?  I mean … Continue reading Black Friday bitterness

Advertising bitterness (Bittertising!)

I watch a lot of television because it is a diversion.  It distracts me from being productive and efficient and worthwhile.  Anything that can distract me from doing something is a good thing.  I want to thank Filo T. Farnsworth and others who helped pioneer television and of course all the networks for paying for all … Continue reading Advertising bitterness (Bittertising!)

“Welcome to my world” bitterness

The phrase "welcome to my world" makes me so bitter.  To be fair with the people that do say that, I complain A LOT.  I complain out loud and I grumble to myself.  If I'm not complaining on my blog, I'm complaining on Facebook or to my kids or to my co-workers.  I especially complain in … Continue reading “Welcome to my world” bitterness

Wi-fi Bitterness

Wireless internet makes me so bitter.  Computers have been around for a long time in some form.  In fact, the internet is probably one the greatest inventions to ever grace this earth.  I still remember the first website I entered and remember writing the site down from the https:// to the whole entire name, the dot com … Continue reading Wi-fi Bitterness