Wi-fi Bitterness

Wireless internet makes me so bitter.  Computers have been around for a long time in some form.  In fact, the internet is probably one the greatest inventions to ever grace this earth.  I still remember the first website I entered and remember writing the site down from the https:// to the whole entire name, the dot com and any additional characters that were involved.  I was so excited to get to a computer that had it so I could finally see what the hype was all about.  It was a site for the movie Mortal Combat and it was on netscape navigator.  I remember when I finally put the website in, not being impressed at all, but soon came to find out what the big deal was when I started seeing some of the cool things websites could do. 

I still also remember the sound of the modem that would have to be booted up so you get “log on” to the internet.  It was slow and tedius, and you ended up waiting around a lot so you could enter a site.  But then computers got faster, and in a big hurry, then there was broadband internet and all of a sudden, you hardly had to wait at all and the website was up and you clicking from page to page in no time.  Then people started wanting the internet all the time and on all their devices, so somebody come up with the idea to do wi-fi in order get the web wirelessly. 

So here is the bitter part.  I got an Ipod touch and it was great because you have all these apps and they are very helpful just the way websites are, but in a smaller way so they take less to get them working.   The problem with that was guess what? you could only use the wireless within a small range (most people have them in their houses now).   I don’t know how wireless works, but I have a pretty small house and I can’t get the wireless in one part of the house if the thing is set up in the other.  So I have had to move it from one side of the house to the other.  Then the other side isn’t covered.  Sometimes it is strong, other times it isn’t.  Sometimes you get blazing fast speeds then all you get is a circle and buffering.  Apparantly wi-fi is schizophrenic or bi-polar or something that can’t make up its mind.  

Then you think, well all these coffee shops or other places have set ups where you can use their wi-fi.  The best is when they allow you to use it buy you have to pay.  Who is their right mind is going to pay so they can surf for the latest news on Tom Cruises divorce or learning the latest weather?  I mean for Tom Cruise we know it’s always going to be about Scientology and the weather, well we can look outside for that.  There are some places that allow you do it for free, but they make you click on a waver then send you to their website.  I’ve got an idea, lets sell coffee by offering free internet!  We will let them think they get the internet, but really they will only get to use one site! Ours!

Then there is the whole locked internet.  If you have any kind of device that has the internet(most do now), you can see all the ones near by.  The problem is that most are locked and allowed to use if you have a password.  And most people are too greedy to allow someone else to use theirs.  I mean what is going to happen, someone might steal your wavelengths?  Stop stealing my air, other people!

What makes me the most bitter is the fact that we now have the 3G, 4G and whatever they mean so you can use it outside of the “wi-fi” area.  But people on 3G think theirs is too slow compared to wi-fi and people on 4G are excited about the speeds, but frustrated that there are so few areas with 4G that they might as well live in a modem cave and hear the fax sounds along with the circle and buffering they get.  Not to mention the speeds of data when you go over your “unlimited data” plan.  I have been over that for a week and a half now and I can’t barely even send a text.  I might as well just carry around one of those old brick phones because I can barely make a call with my high speed technical marvel. 

Why won’t you just just be 4G everywhere all the time Wi-FI.  Why must I think I’m from 1995 all over again?  Arrgghhh, you make me so bitter. 

Bitter Ben


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