Black Friday bitterness

    As I spoke previously about my bitterness about holidays and how we don't have enough, I have come to the realization that the reason why we don't have more holidays is because we don't appreciate the ones that we have.  Let's face it, how much do we really care about them?  I mean … Continue reading Black Friday bitterness

Fire Alarm Bitterness

I'm pretty sure that from the time I could hear (maybe about the time I was born or so) there has been this super loud noise. Because of this super loud noise, I have survived for 39 years.  It is also a fairytale and because of the fairytale I am bitter. I am of course talking about … Continue reading Fire Alarm Bitterness

Bitter fish of the week

My son and daughter were playing Animal Crossing this week and were doing a little fishing when they caught  this fish.  It's called a bitterling and I know why.  It is bitter and small and no one ever pays attention to it.  In fact, I bet you didn't even know that there was a fish … Continue reading Bitter fish of the week

Foods that make you work bitterness – updated

  I posted this a week ago about how food that makes me work makes me bitter.  On Friday, I almost always get pizza as a reward to myself for being bitter consistenly.  My work decided to throw a wrench in that tradition of gluttony by throwing a special summer barbeque.  Nice huh?  Well, unfortunately,  the meal consisted of … Continue reading Foods that make you work bitterness – updated