Foods that make you work bitterness – updated


I posted this a week ago about how food that makes me work makes me bitter.  On Friday, I almost always get pizza as a reward to myself for being bitter consistenly.  My work decided to throw a wrench in that tradition of gluttony by throwing a special summer barbeque.  Nice huh? 

Well, unfortunately,  the meal consisted of the foods of bitterness that I spoke of just last week.  There was ribs and chicken.  If there was corn on the cob it would have been an unholy trinty of foods that make me work.  And almost as if to confirm my bitterness the food was dry, and gross and lots of work for very little meat.  So, just so you know most ribs don’t look like the one on the picture above.  Thus confirms my bitterness on ribs.


Bitter Ben






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