Merging Bitter Friday Giftures

When I grew up, my favorite cartoon/toy was the Transformers. From the moment I saw the first episode, and I saw a robot change into a car, I was hooked. I don’t know if it was the cool sound, or the fact that a robot could also be a car, jet or park bench, but I couldn’t get enough. Maybe it was the first time I figured out that you could be two things at once, like a baseball player and a basketball player. Or being both a father and a son was possible.

Either way, I think they could have stopped there and everything would have been perfect. But then later in the series, they introduced Devastator, a combination of 6 different robots that could not only become robots and construction vehicles, but could also merge the 6 of them into an even larger robot.

My mind was blown. What if we combine two of those super robots together to become an even larger robot? The possibilities are endless right? Well, as we found out, merging some smaller things into even bigger things isn’t always the best idea. Some of the guys felt left out and others were too lazy, and a couple of them fought to be the leader and the transition wasn’t always smooth if everyone wasn’t into it.

No matter what, there is always some bitterness when you merge with someone or something else. For instance, when my wife and I first married, we both had troubles with combing things. I wanted my old sheets and she immediately got rid of them. We both wanted space and didn’t always know how that was going to work. And this week, my company merged with another, and I was transferred to the other one.

As you can guess, the transition wasn’t seamless. There are still lots of things to figure out and they are still trying to figure out how to deal with me, which if you ask my wife isn’t very easy.

Every merge takes time, like for instance, when I merged into someone else’s lane on the way here, and they wouldn’t get out of the way. So, they had to. I’m going merge these words into some gifs and you might not like it. But that’s too bad, because it’s your job to get used to me, and not the other way around. Enjoy your Bitter Friday Giftures..

Not sure how clowns…

ronald mcdonald mcdonalds GIF
…and fast food are a good combo.

These guys seemed to have a little difficulty…

git merge GIF
…trying to merge together.

You guys know…

excuse me frogs GIF
…what we’re talking about here.

Day and night…

day and night GIF
…seem to have a hard time sharing the spotlight.

Sometimes our drinks…

Fail Diet Coke GIF by MOODMAN
…have a little trouble merging with us correctly.

Sometimes your food has a little trouble…

Hot Dog Fight GIF by Domino’s UK and ROI
…getting along.

In fact, there is kind of a war raging…

Hungry Homer Simpson GIF
…in my stomach most of the time.

Too many combos…

hd combo GIF
…and things don’t end well.

I sword of…

Scott Pilgrim Hardon GIF
…get it.

Loyalty is always…

Luke GIF by Australian Survivor
…after a merge.

Things can get a little…

Trick Or Treat Halloween GIF by Superstore
…testy when merging.

The worst part is when personalities…

Transformers Megatron GIF
…get a little conflicted.

I highly recommend not making any changes, or trying to merge with people. It just goes badly.


Bitter Merging Ben


3 thoughts on “Merging Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. Love the words
    Love the message
    Love the gifs
    But most of all love this:

    “it’s your job to get used to me, and not the other way around.”

    Gonna steal your words and drop them into a future post of mine.
    (I will credit the author; that being you, my friend)

    I steal a lot of shit from the internet. (But I try to always credit the source)

    Or as Lenny Bruce once said,
    “Believe me; I am not profound. Everything I say belongs to somebody else. I don’t live in a vacuum.’


  2. I like your attitude. If the job merge doesn’t work out, you could make T-shirts like this:
    It’s your job to get used to me.
    and not the other way around.
    I think it would be a big seller!


  3. Yeah, where I work, they tried to merge me, an IT person, into a non-IT business office. But I speak IT language (databases, systems, and Star Wars/Trek/Marvel), and they speak business language (meetings, birthday lunches, paperwork). So mostly, I stay pretty isolated, because Babel is a confusing tower to be in.


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