Taking Out the Garbage Bitter Friday Giftures


At the time of typing this blog, I’m bitter, sore and utterly exhausted. I don’t mean to throw my parents under the bus, but they are the reason why. You see, they live almost full-time down in the southern part of Utah, while we live in the northern part, where they have a condo they used to live in. They had a little mice problem, so they had to come up north to take care of the problem. They were nice enough to volunteer us to help them fix the little problem, which we were okay with at first…at first.

We figured they would just ask us to move around some food and clean up a little bit. We did, but then one thing lead to another and all of a sudden, we were full on doing a complete reorg for a hoarder, errr, my mother. Let’s just say she treats her condo like a storage unit. This week we spent every waking hour organizing things.

Taking out the garbage isn’t fun, but when you do it 400 plus times, it’s even more not fun. Let’s just get to the bitter Friday Giftures?

No offense..

Eruption GIF

…but this is what I wanted to do with all the garbage in their house.

This may or may not…

 philippines eruption taal volcano GIF

…be the position I was in most of the week.

When I suggested my mom throw something away…

volcano GIF

…this is the ledge I was navigating.

This is what happened…

Movie Horror GIF by The Grudge

…when I decided to look under the bed.

Every time we entered a room…

season 3 closet GIF

…we were scared of what we would find.

Possibly some of the dolls…

nightmares forever GIF

…that may have been in some closet.

There are a few books here…

read texas am GIF by Texas A&M University

…but not near as many as there were in just one room in my mom’s house.

I found a lot of new technology…

library archives GIF

…like these storage files called floppy discs.

Can’t wait…

middle school website GIF by Sarah Schmidt

…to try out this new Myspace.com thing on America Online.

I’m pretty sure I heard Lizzo over and over again…

cowboy bebop radio GIF

…not on that old radio thing, but this new ghetto blaster thing.

We even found some…

john hughes vintage GIF

…fresh new threads.

We even managed to find some…

blowing widespread dust GIF

…some dust cats and bunnies.

While the work was back breakingingly overwhelming and mind numbing, we did manage to find a few treasures, and for that it was all worth it. Despite the fact that there were millions of items that we could have gotten rid of, we got rid of 13, and that made all the hard work worth it.


Bitter Taking out the Garbage Ben


6 thoughts on “Taking Out the Garbage Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. Our mom was born in the depression era. She was not a hoarder but a stasher. When she passed away, we found all kinds of things “stashed” in the weirdest places. Money (the obvious), old letters she saved from family, pictures, cartoon clippings (she and her sister used to love to share these in their letters) and even bits of hair she saved from our hair cuts (??). Ahh, moms – who knows where their thoughts go. LOL!!


    • Unfortunately, we can’t seem to find any of my mother’s money stashes, only her junk stash. She keeps claiming that stuff is valuable and collector’s items, but I’m pretty sure broken crayons and bent in half umbrellas aren’t worth much.

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  2. arm in sling but I am cheerful who am I kidding can only manage lower case anyhow liked the way the giftures mirrored your experiences could be a thing ungh who am I jack Kerouac no just a guy who cannot access capitals apart from k which the machine thought I needed ok will stop now


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