Harry Bitter Friday Giftures


I was watching Harry Potter last night and it reminded me of something spooky. No, not witches and wizards or Horcruxes or Voldemort. It reminded me of something I did just yesterday. I didn’t like my haircut, so I fixed it myself. My hair is already bad enough, but then letting myself hack it up even more is a really bad idea.

I just took the old Wahl clippers out and hacked the side of my hair. I just can’t stand when it gets long, because then it reveals how many grey hairs there are, and that is my best look. I got hair all over the sink and in my hair(ironically) so I had to sweep in all up and take a shower to get it all out. Luckily, my wife didn’t notice until I told her and she cares more that I didn’t spend $12.95, than how my hair turned out. Anyways, so it was a pretty Harry situation. See how Harry Potter reminded me of my bad hair cut? I’m guessing you would just rather it reminded me to do the Friday Bitter Giftures so you could get on with your day. Here you go:

Who’s ready for the weekend…

…and not for Monday?

Who’s ready to be a little…

…unicorny this weekend?

Who’s ready to make…

…their TV debut this weekend?

Who is going to me talking to their animals…

…this weekend?

Who’s ready…

…to meet a celebrity this weekend?

Who’s ready…

…to FACE the music this weekend?

Who’s ready…

…to start a boy band this weekend?

Who’s ready to…

…drop the mic this weekend?

Who’s ready…

…to go on a road trip this weekend?

Who’s ready…

…to flip out this weekend?

Who’s ready to…

…go to the beach this weekend?

Who’s ready to…


…go dancing this weekend?

None of you? Yeah me either.


Bitter Harry Potter Ben


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