Football Season Bitter Friday Giftures


Last night, I was sitting on the couch, relaxing from the bitter day of work I almost always have, and my son comes tromping in from football practice. As always, he left a trail of things leading up to himself, so even an incompetent detective like Inspector Clouseau could find him. He drops his cleats on my feet, asks me to take off his stinky socks and tells me all about practice.

As soon as he gets home from practice, anything I was previously watching (almost always The Office) gets changed immediately. He switches to a game on TV and it is football. I’m like What? It’s that time again, already? Yep, its football season again. You know what other thing it is already? That’s right, Gifture Friday.

Here we go again…

…celebrating too early again.


Getting ready for Halloween…

…by trying to scare people.

Having to get a full-time job…

…because our side gig doesn’t pay the bills.

Sometimes you have to speed…

…to get to the game on time.

Whatever you do…

…make sure you don’t bring your dad to the game (my daughter says).

The food isn’t always the best…

…and it kind of makes you speechless.

Interviews can kind of get…

…a little creepy.

Other times…

…people can really get in your hair.

It’s a sad day…

…when a kid can’t figure out how to eat pizza.

Don’t you hate it…

…when you are in a hurry, but you have to get your pants on?

Or when you are at a wedding…

…and there is no cake available?

The worst part is when you are trying to get something to eat…

…and the food just won’t go in your mouth.

Well, just so you know, the weekend is finally here, so we can get back to doing what we do best. Eating pizza and sitting on the couch. Who is with me?


Bitter Football Ben


6 thoughts on “Football Season Bitter Friday Giftures

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