Lazy Day Bitterness

I don’t feel like writing today, because snow is outside and I just can’t possibly be expected to write anything. The east coast got their turn last week, so it is the west coast’s turn to be lazy this week. So here is my post. It is my Bitter News from the Couch, Volume 7. Please save all autographs for my worldwide tour.


Target Deal of the Day: Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker. Since you will definitely be spending time outside running, sledding, getting sweaty and not eating food inside all day, this Fitbit Fitness tracker will allow you to see how lazy you are being today. Pick one up for only $129.95, which is a full $20 off the regular price of $149.95. Get yours today!


6 thoughts on “Lazy Day Bitterness

  1. Could you give the news every day? I prefer you over those news-peoples on the television. Seriously!
    “Music Way too Loud” HA! 😀
    “Thanks For Nothing” HA! 😀
    I like to clean on rainy or snowy days! And I do it happily! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  2. Hee hee, I am just the opposite. When it’s icky outside I turn into a craft-a-holic! BIG TIME!! The creative arts are going crazy here today because it is nasty icy-snowing out. Not just the snow – no that would be OK, but we had to be just warm enough before it all started to get a ton of ice underneath. Wouldn’t be bad if I didn’t have to leave the house, but I do later when it is worse (OH NO – I AM TURNING INTO A BITTER BEN- EEEEEKKKK!!!!).


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