Construction Bitterness

Creating things with hands.

I like to create stuff. Let me rephrase that. I like to create stuff like writing, videos and editing, not stuff with my hands. I promise you that anything I ever made in shop, or in a kitchen is not going to be pretty. Any repairs I’ve ever made in my house is helping my wife do things. One time I worked in a factory putting together exercise equipment on a line and I slowed down the line because my weirdly shaped fingers couldn’t put tiny screws together fast enough.

They finally had to move me to the back of the line where I did much better just putting the machines in boxes. So basically, for two months, I was a professional boxer. Get it? So let’s just say that I appreciate people who can create things with their hands. Like construction crews. I’m glad they are making better roads. The tires on my car appreciate that.

Why couldn’t these be incorporated into the roads?

What the don’t appreciate is the timing on the construction projects. I see they have little cones and signs that are rerouting me every which way, but I never see the “construction” going on? Do they do it at night? Cause that is helpful, but if they aren’t working on something could we get the space back while you aren’t working on stuff? I spent way too much time trying to get home in 100 degree weather with no air conditioning last night. I know there is a water shortage, because pretty much all of it was on my back last night.

I propose that if the construction guys are going to put us all through this pain and misery during the summer, they could at least make it fun. How about an obstacle course where people could win money? I know they have some, because my tax money is going to pay their salaries. If they can’t give us cash for winning, they could at least give us a tax break for winning. It would be fun to assign random people going home to the same area a racing partner, to see who would get commuter points, which would be redeemable for prizes, like free use of the HOV lanes for a month without having have a partner. Or how about air conditioning installed in a car that doesn’t have one.

Why not make the streets more amusement parky. How about some ups and downs, some ramps that could help you do jumps, some that would grab your tires and bring you up a steep ramp, like on a roller coaster then let you do some loop de loops? I know some people don’t love roller coasters, so they could just hang out in the slow lane if they didn’t like it.

Much better commute than we have now.

How about you pay a little extra for the HOV lane (since you are charged for it already) and make that a car wash lane? They could get a little more revenue in those lanes and that would allow them to make better, more entertaining freeways in the future.

Think about it. By entertaining the commuters, they are more likely to get off their cell phones and get bored and cause accidents. I think there is some study out there about it?

What are some of your ideas to make construction less bitter? The commute more entertaining? The ride more fun?


Bitter Construction Ben


24 thoughts on “Construction Bitterness

  1. I highly recommend books on cd (I have to break myself of the habit of saying books on tape. It’s been almost two decades since books on tape were made, you’d think I would adjust.) the only draw back to books on CD is the tendency to drive by an exit because you were lost in a gripping plot point—or to keep driving just to hear more of the story!


  2. HA! I’m all for this! I love amusement park rides and roller coasters!!! 🙂

    “The commute more entertaining? The ride more fun?”…Oh, if Jason Statham was driving my car and I was just hangin’ in the passenger’s seat! 😉 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  3. I would LOVE a roller coaster to get me to work…but surely if that was your commute, you’d end up less bitter because you’d be having so much fun… It might ruin your blog!?


  4. If they really want us to slow down for construction zones, they should hire some roadside entertainers. Maybe put on a burlesque show, or have sexy cheerleaders, or perhaps some clowns juggling.


  5. Bro! I like the theme parky road thing with free carwash and HOV miles. If they could do that in a 100 mile radius around Atlanta 12,000,000,000,000 drivers a year could get the thrill of a lifetime. I would no linger drive 500 miles out of my way to avoid the great Southern morass, the commuters Sargasso sea. I’ll hold out hope for a miracle.


  6. Road construction! UGH! I live in East Tennessee and it’s like a season here. Winter, Summer, Fall, and Road Construction.

    Unfortunately, I have zero ideas as to how to make this more fun. On the upside, TDOT occasionally paves at night. Minor reprieve.


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