Big Flop Friday Giftures


Summer is the time when you should get home flip off your shoes and socks and immediately walk around in your bare feet, or at the maximum, wear your flip flops. Some years have been flips, others have been flops. This year on the blog has been a big flop. Actually, I’ve been pretty awesome at creating bitter content. The flop has been the views and likes.  But that’s not on me. I’ll just continue to be the guru of bitterness, making amazingily bitter content while you guys just sit on the sidelines and watch.

Here are some giftures that are bitter flops too.

For instance, this guy trusted the crowd…

…and they completely let him down.

This dog thought she wanted a high five…

…and all he got was a denied five.

This guy was going for a back flip…

…and all he got was flipped back.

All this guy wanted was brain damage…

…and well, he got what he wanted.

Spiderman just got treated…

…like audiences treated Spiderman 3. Big flop.

This guy just wanted to crash the party…

…and the only thing he ended up crashing was the table.

Imagine this guys disappointment…

…when the only thing he found in the leaves was his kids.

Imagine my disappointment…

…when saw him fly instead of crash. 

This is my favorite way…

…of taking out the garbage.

This is my favorite way…

…of taking out people that get in my way. 

This is what I do…

…when I’m jealous of other people’s presents.

And don’t ever try to make me…

…do your work for you. 


Alright, I’m off on a weekend bitter adventure. I’m sure it will be a flop, just like my summer and my flip flops. Hopefully, I will at least get to wear flip flops. But probably not, if judging all my other bitter disappointments.


Bitter Flop Friday.










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