Me in every meeting.

Meetings are the bane of existence. In yesterday’s Dilbert comic on my calendar, they talked about a four hour meeting in which Dilbert, the pointy haired boss, and the intern all talked about the conclusion of the meeting was three different outcomes. The boss then suggests that they should have another four hour meeting to hash our the conclusion.

I abhor meetings so much that I once devised a bitter post about meetings while in a meeting. I think they may be the biggest time waster of all time. And this is coming from a guy who sits on the couch for fun. I think I’ve learned more life lessons in a half hour TV show than in all the meetings ever.

Anyways, you know how kids these days are always combining words to make up new words, because they are lazy? Either that or they shorten words. Like bae for instance. I know it is hard to say babe, so they had to shorten that to bae (still one syllable!). There are numerous examples, but one of the new ones is Hangry. You know, their hunger leads them to be angry.

Well, I would like to interject a new word into the vernacular. How about Hanxiety? Meetings are a breeding grounds for hanxiety, because they serve a lack of clarity with a pinch of introducing new policies and procedures, bake no food in the meeting to 375 degrees and voila, you have a nice hot serving of Hanxiety.

Feeling a little hanxious?

I don’t know about you, but I think meetings should include 15 minutes of mediatation beforehand, just so there is a slight chance that they will reconsider the meeting and at least the 15 minutes weren’t a waste. Some may call it meditation. Others may call it a nap.

What are your thoughts? Should we introduce Hanxiety as a new word? Cancel all meeetings? Add naps?  More food?


Bitter Hanxious Ben


15 thoughts on “Hanxiety

  1. Once upon a time there was a fellow who was considered of.. dubious.. talent, who loved to invite himself to any meeting he could finagle his way into, as a way to Appear Important. That he was a meeting-seeker pretty tells everything, really. But that’s not all, no. He also loved to take phones on speakerphone.. with his office door open. It Sounded Important (no, it was annoying). The guy who had Real Stuff to talk about? He closed the door and seldom used the speakerphone function.


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