Content Is King

I’m thinking richer.

There has been a lot of talk lately about this royal wedding. I don’t know if it is a big deal because the girl from Suits and Deal or No Deal gets to be a princess, or because Harry is finally settling down, but it all seems like a lot of talk for a whole lot of nothing.

There is like a one in a billion chance that Harry ever gets to be king, which is a little better than my 1 in 7 billion chances. What’s her name is queen and she’s never dying. Besides don’t they read the marketing papers anymore? Don’t they know that Content is King?

Apologies to the royals, but unless there is content coming out of those royal offices no one cares. Come to think of it, maybe that is why they are doing this royal wedding thing. Because there hasn’t been a whole lot of content out of them lately.

Your majesty.

Anyways, you might notice that I have been posting a lot more lately. There is a reason for that. Because content is king.

If you have kids or grandkids, there is a reason why they are binging on Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. There is a reason ET, and Access Hollywood and The Price is Right are still popular. There is a reason why as much as people love Game of Thrones, they are really mad at them right now.  There is a reason why some blogs can start strong, then fade fast. The blogs, TV networks, social media networks and games shows stay popular is because they have endless content.

Trust me, I know why my blog works and why a lot of other people’s don’t. I’m not the greatest writer, and a lot of my blogs have suuuuucked. It isn’t because I’m funny. It’s because I keep posting. So far, I’ve posted over 1000 blogs, and I have been trying to one every weekday. (Weekends are for total laziness.)

You got it.

It’s why some famous actors and actresses keep in the spotlight forever (cause they keep working), and some just fade(cause they get too picky about what they will do). It’s why Casey Neistat is famous on YouTube(cause he keeps posting), and why other’s have failed(like me who keeps waiting to do good videos).

I don’t know if I will ever get famous or write a book that gets published or get my own reality show. What I do know is that centuries from now, if the internet still exists, some random person can look up and find over 1000 blog posts that will make them wonder why the heck they looked that up.

They will also be able to binge read this blog for days. If they want to spend mindless hours of time not thinking about the stupid world, they can read about a dude that was bitter about everything in his time.

He will have opened up a time capsule that completely and inaccurately told everyone how the world was from this time period. They won’t spend hours reading a blog that only has two amazingly written posts. They will read the one that has a thousand bad to mediocre ones.

So keep writing, no matter how bad it is. Cause you are writing for that guy or girl 300 years from now that needs something to binge on.

So what do you think? Ready to write some more bad posts?


Bitter King of Bitter Content Ben


26 thoughts on “Content Is King

  1. Tippy Gnu got me laughing as much as one of the earlier lines you used [and find over 1000 blog posts that will make them wonder why the heck they looked that up]

    I keep believing that there will be lines…maybe even paragraphs that will linger in the cloud, and 70 billion people scraping for something to do. And our blogs will come squelching forth from the air waves.
    Because written words will become phonetic and audible in the future; so that’s why.

    So a thousand blogs…ain’t that like 4 books worth right there? Maybe 5? I’m think’in I’m seeing a screenplay coming, and movie rights. This may be a bigger bitter ben’s blogging thing than you think.
    a bigger bitter ben’s blogging thing than you think. Oh my God, there’s one of those lines now.


  2. You give me hope. I know, such was not your intention, but worry not. My bitterness will return. I have been paying almost zero attention to the royal wedding. I didn’t even know the girl was from anything.


  3. I depend on a few things that keeps my cosmos rolling. One of the little things I depend on is your blog. Yes, it is pathetic but every once in a while you hit the ball out of the park. Unfortunately it hits the windshield of the car in the parking lot. On occasion I get a laugh, a smile or a grimace. Blogs come or go but yours stays like heart burn. I hope the words were bitter enough?


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