Yanny vs. Laurel Friday Giftures


Oh my gosh, seriously. An audio file is taking over the internet, going viral. An audio file. The last time an audio file was popular when back in the 1990’s when computers were first using them.

Last night my sister and I were educating my kids about VCR’s, the internet not existing when we were kids and other things. I bet until the stupid Yanny and Laurel thing, Millennials didn’t even know what an audio file was.

I’m just completly bamboozled that an audio file can go viral, but not one of my YouTube videos or blog posts can.

I officially declare both Laurel and Yanny to be dead, never to be talked about again.

If you need something new to talk about here are some Bitter Friday Giftures to distract you.

Clearly if you are thinking about audio files…

…your life is out of balance.

If you talk about this anymore…

…you’re fired.

Also, your life will start…

…getting ruff.

Unlike some dogs…

…motorcycles return to their masters.

And some dogs…

…are scared by their own reflections.

Let’s just take a leap…

…and stop horsing around.

A good way to lose friends…

…is to ask them to help you with your golf swing.

This kid is a future…

…tough mudder.

An easy way to keep your bouquet fresh…

…shred them through a fan.

Not sure why they call them…

…scaredy cats…

This girl was really sad…

…when Vine was discontinued.

This barrier…

… is me when I try to sneak out of a party.

Well, that is about it for me. Just like the stupid audio file, I’m done for the week. Just an FYI, I’ve been pondering doing a Q&A post, but I’m not sure if anyone will have good questions for me in general, or onΒ  specific posts. If you do, leave them in the comments. If I get enough questions for a post, I’ll do one. If I don’t we will all just forget I asked. Heaven forbid I get any help from other people. Bitter weekend all.


Bitter End of The Virus Ben



22 thoughts on “Yanny vs. Laurel Friday Giftures

  1. Question if you please. I recently have had some spikes. One day over three hundred hits. No not my relatives. What is a normal day for you? Just wondering what is going on. Because on the day of the spike I had not written anything. I am being read when I am not writing. Maybe I should quit and then I will be an accomplished blogger.


  2. Oh my god, this thing is ridiculous haha I keep watching those stupid videos that are like “Okay, so here, you can clearly hear ‘Laurel’, but then play it forward, it has changed to ‘Yanny’.” And I’m sitting here like, “I STILL HEAR LAUREL. THIS IS STUPID.”


  3. The dude offering advice on the golf swing needs some advice his damn self. Like . . umm, don’t stand in FRONT of the golf swing. And that bride throwing the bouquet to the “next bride” as per tradition? She may have been a communist, after all. Think about it . .

    Questions? Okay.
    If speech is indeed, free. Why do we pay for our reading materials?

    I can do better, but I am all in on a Q and A!


    • Oh, man you are asking a hard question. I was thinking something really easy like “How much would you like to be paid for all your blog posts? Or why are you so good at being bitter? Maybe I should just make up my own questions and pretend that you guys all asked me them.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Who? I live in a cave, apparently. Maybe that’s a good thing. Perhaps you could use a “news fast,” Ben. News is increasingly stupid and fake anyway, you’d never miss it. πŸ™‚


  5. An audio file? Seriously? That is why all the Tweeps and Facebookers won’t stop talking about Yanny and Laurel? πŸ˜’ Well, I guess I should go and listen to it, or the cool kids might stop letting me sit with them.


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