I have discipline – I can not Binge watch Netflix

It’s 1987, dude.

Some people think they have discipline because they can make run 26.something miles and not die. Some people have discipline because they can make it through a whole work week and not complain about it. Others think they have willpower because they can not eat meat, or gluten. I guess I don’t have willpower then.

Oh wait, maybe I do. I have the ability to sit down, watch an episode of a season of a show, and then not do that. I know you all think you are fantastic because you are so good at life, and you probably are, but most of you can’t not binge on Netflix. Okay, so maybe the series I watch on Netflix are terrible and I shouldn’t have even watched the first one. And maybe I have discipline because my kids and wife come along and say I need to be productive and pick something up on the floor, or pick some kid up from basketball practice, or I fell asleep taking one of the four or fives nap I require all the time, but let the record show that I didn’t binge watch any shows I ever started.

Maybe those people that do finish them call themselves completionists, or that can finish a task. Yeah, well, I am a master at not finishing tasks. So take them. Reliable I may not be, but at least I’m not one of those binge watchers like you guys. The only thing I binge on is food, naps, and pizza. I couldn’t watch more than  one episode of Stranger Things at a time if you paid me. (Cause I’m pretty sure there is nothing you would pay me for.)

It’s always 12:00 around here son.

Anyways, so take that and shove it in your VCR. If you still have one. In fact, go out to the thrift store and see if there is one on the back shelf of the electronics and see if there is still one there. Or to your great grandma’s house. I’m sure she still has one that holds up her Blu-ray player, and it probably is still blinking on the 12:00 too. I’ll wait. Anyways, shove your binge watching on that.


Bitter Bingy Cringy Ben


19 thoughts on “I have discipline – I can not Binge watch Netflix

  1. I can relate.
    With my schedule, to binge watch a show it takes me months (to watch one season) and according to my young adult kids that means I don’t binge watch anything. But I say I binge watch just to bug them. Ha! 😀
    I bet if Netflix had a list of bitter TV shows, you could binge watch one of them. 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    • Is that because you continually binge watch things? I suggest you get lazy like me and wake up from Netflix with the screen saying, “Are your sure you are still watching “The Office”? To which I always reply, “No!”

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  2. I’m going to go ahead and say that you’ve mastered an art form, and you should be proud. I can rarely do a whole season of anything at one time, but I’ve been known to get through 3 or 4 episodes. I still get caught off guard and think I’m still watching one really long episode sometimes before I remember the way that Netflix operates. I’m still unaccustomed to this drug of theirs.


  3. Strangely enough, my 16-yr. old managed to run a marathon last month, on a whim, with very little training. But most of the time, she’s pretty undisciplined, especially when it comes to keeping her room clean. So maybe this discipline thing is overrated?


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