Lazy Musicians

Every breath you take…

Music and I go way back. All the way back to the 80’s when Micheal J. Fox was busy time machining to our time, and Sting was following Every Breath We Took. One of my earliest memories was when Friday Night Videos came on TV and I saw Micheal Jackson tell me to Beat It. Not long after I was singing It’s Tricky by Run DMC and music became a big part of my life.

I don’t know if I’m the only one that realizes this, but does it seem like no musicians these days can do anything by themselves? Maybe it is because I am an introvert and prefer to do things alone unless I absolutely have to, but it seems like every song out these days involves at least one other person, if not a whole gang of them.

Like, have you hear of Nikki Minaj? I used to think she was a rapper/singer or whatever and maybe she still is, but every song I hear her on, she does a verse for someone then moves on to another song. It’s like she is just cheating on a whole bunch of other songs. She’s like a song polygamous. And Drake, talk about a song hopper. This guy not only sings in other people’s rap songs, he sings in other people’s pop songs. The guy just seems to be song confused.

Drake’s a little confused.

Maybe it is just because they are lazy and can’t get up the energy to sing an entire song themselves, or maybe they don’t have the writing ability to lay down their own verses, but I just seems like no one has the ability to complete a whole song. Even Eminem, who I thought was strong enough to do 6-7 minutes of raps, has to have Beyonce do his chorus on his latest.

I get that maybe they are just trying to build up their song by including other famous people, but pretty soon I think that people are going to have so many people on a song, that everyone is only going to get one word each. What’s next? Everyone only gets a letter each? Then the people playing the music will only get one note each?

And now people can’t even play all the instruments themselves. They are starting to form these things called bands where everyone specializes in their own instrument. Where has all the talent gone? Next thing you know we will be having one guy focus solely on the cowbell. Do we need more cowbell in songs? Absolutely we do. But I think one guy or girl should be able to handle that all by themselves.

More Cowbell!

I thought I was lazy, but clearly musicians are coming for me. In the next decade, I assume everyone will just be pushing a button on their Mac’s from their couch and calling it music. Although that sounds like something I could get into. If I wasn’t so lazy I could push a button.


Bitter Musically Declined Ben


28 thoughts on “Lazy Musicians

  1. Another incisive and witty post, Ben. I appreciate that you can do this in spite of your no doubt busy work and home life – oh wait, ARE you that being as busy as you should? I’ll be sending plainclothes spies to audit your performance. πŸ™‚

    It is like the overuse of FX and green screen in the movies – just because you can do something, does not mean you should DO it. Not only does it take you out of what should be an immersive experience, it slowly drags the entire industry into the ground (stay with me here) and results in creative bankruptcy. (ta da!)


  2. Let me know if you ever need someone to fill in a bitter anecdote in the middle of future posts… Nicky and Drake have made it big being lazy, maybe we can try that too? πŸ˜›


  3. agreed. and thanks to mainstream media and such beasts, the artists who actually put in some effort and sound 100x better don’t get the recognition they deserve. all about image and marketing these days.


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