Quick and Easy Meals for under $1000 Friday Giftures


I’m all about that simplicity. And that bass. I know when you are hungry and you just need something quick for your family, time is of the essence.  Well, sign up for the Bitter Ben quick meal program and we will find a way to get you some food within the next 8 hours, or my name isn’t Bitter Ben. There’s nothing more frustrating in the world, except for everything, when you don’t get your way somehow. I am here to make sure that all your nightmares come true. So, grab some food, get comfortable, watch some Star Wars: The Last Jedi, give me some spoiler warnings and get ready to start the Gifture show.

It just goes to show you…

…that getting a strike in bowling is completely random.

It also goes to show you…

…that being good at basketball is a shoe in. 

Also, make sure you are aware of things around you…

…or you will miss huge potential laughs right behind you. 

When it comes to safety…

…make sure you use anything you can to cushion your fall. 

An all new sport is emerging…

…called table diving. 

The next big upcoming sport…

…is beach biking. 

The horses are also starting a new one…

…called unstable jumping. 

A new forest sport movement is coming…

..called motorcycle jousting. 

Then we have this new sport…

…called water dodging. 

Scott Sterling here started an all new genre of an old classic…

…called face volleyball. 

This guy added to the long jump sport…

…it’s ground breaking. 

And this lady started a new…

…step and fall sport. 

Now that you have made it all the way through this grueling post and lived to tell about it, go out there and grab some food. I know just the service that will guarantee your non satisfaction.


Bitter Mealy Friday Giftures Ben


17 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Meals for under $1000 Friday Giftures

  1. I smiled and frown from my toes to my crown. P>S. Seventy two today and going strong. I wrote my blog today with you in mind. Give it a look and let me know what you think of it. Its up your alley or maybe its near penny lane the sister of lois lane.


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