Let’s Play Jeopardy Friday Giftures

So I have a Jeopardy question for you. Oh, wait they don’t do questions. Well too bad. I do things differently around here. So suck, it Trabek.

Do you know what the Sunshine State is?

If you guessed Florida, you are right. And probably from there. But did you also know that unofficially it is South Dakota? Yes, and I wouldn’t have known that if I wasn’t from there. And I can also tell you that I met many a winter day that had no sun, and quite honestly many a summer day that didn’t. I’m not sure how they got that distinction, because it seems like I live in a state right now where it is sunny all the time, even though right now it is like 18 degrees. Okay, right now it isn’t sunny, but during the day it has been. And Seattle, well, we saw the sun about 2 days per year. And it was always when people were visiting, so they thought the sun and mild temperatures were a constant thing. Suckers!

Anyways, now I shall put a nice cloud upon your day! Bitter Friday Gifture time!

Who is ready…

…to flip out over some things?

Oh, I know…

…this kid. 


…and this girl. 

This dog know it is Friday…

…so he’s just going to let things slide. 

This cat just wants to…

…hide under her desk. 

And this cat is just being…


And this guy as Gumby…

…kind of a stretch. 

And you thought chivalry was dead…


…people will still joust for humiliation. 

Some days you are the skier…

…and sometimes you are the cement. 

What wood you know…

..today was not such a good treet. 

You fell…

…a little short. 

You didn’t complete…

…any of your goals. 

Looks like you need to go hang it up. Just like South Dakota, you might think you are a sunshine around the place, but really you are just an unofficial sunshine in your own mind. Just go home early and pretend like you are going to get paid for it.


Bitter Sunshine Deficient Ben


16 thoughts on “Let’s Play Jeopardy Friday Giftures

  1. Enjoyable post, no one does it like you, Ben!

    I’ve been to both Sunshine States (said no one ever) and I have to say that I like South Dakota better (again, said no one ever). I’ve explored the Badlands and Rushmore. In Florida I rode a giant tea cup in circles.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have been to both and I liked Florida better. Though not by much. I’ve been to Florida twice, once in winter, once in summer. Like winter there much better. South Dakota much better in summer. And I was in the part of South Dakota that was boring. The east side where nothing but the city was there. Ugggh.


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